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Can’t Decide between Cloud & On-Premises Virtual Desktops & Apps? Go Hybrid!

New VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode features announced at VMworld Europe 2016 help your business embrace a simpler, more cost-effective approach to desktop and app virtualization.

horizon-air-hybrid-mode-1Last quarter, we introduced VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode. This innovative new hybrid cloud software service enables virtual desktops and application delivery from on-premises infrastructure, while centrally managing it all from the cloud.

Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode offers a simpler and more cost-effective approach to desktop and application virtualization. With Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode, you leverage:

  • Hyper-converged infrastructure for on-premises capacity; and
  • The cloud for maintenance-free experience of a software-as-a-service.

The service combines the best of the cloud and on-premises models, making it ideal for organizations looking for a bridge to move to the cloud or those with workloads split between cloud and on-premises infrastructures.

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We are continuously and rapidly evolving, and I am excited to share new capabilities announced today at VMworld Europe 2016 in Barcelona.

Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode Features

  • Integrated technology stack: Desktop virtualization based on VMware Instant Clone technology, application virtualization via VMware App Volumes and user profile management via VMware User Environment Manager—all in a single, integrated solution.
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): Cloud service hosted and maintained at the latest version by VMware.
  • Single pane of cloud-based management: Management of desktops, applications and user profile assignments via a common, cloud-based interface.
  • No end-user maintenance windows: Seamless image and application updates with no downtime, reboots or recomposing necessary.
  • Just-in-time desktops: Create and assign virtual desktops in seconds—Windows 7 and Windows 10, dedicated or floating—with persistent experience offered via attached applications and user writeable disks.
  • Hybrid deployment model: Virtual desktop and application sessions running on-premises from converged/hyper-converged infrastructure appliances and management in the cloud.

Watch the short demo video below to see how quickly you can go from receiving the subscription and provisioning the service to an end user accessing their desktop and applications.

What’s New in Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode

  • Easy scale out: Multi-node support allows you to scale across multiple sites.
  • Easy onboarding with VxRail: Integration with the VxRail marketplace.
  • Clear visibility: Diagnostic information of health of the system added to the cloud management console
  • Upgrades in under five minutes: Upgrade on-premises components quickly and easily—in record time.

Expanded Converged / Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Appliance Support

We are constantly expanding the matrix of supported hardware. We validated converged/hyper-converged solutions from DellEMC (VxRail), HDS and QCT to support the Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode service.

Want to learn more? Check out our Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode website, or simply drop us a note if you’d like to try the service first hand.

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