VMware Horizon

vRealize Operations for Horizon & Published Apps 6.3 Now Available!

Drumroll, please: VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon & Published Apps, version 6.3, is now generally available (GA). This new version of vRealize Operations for Horizon & Published Apps introduces a slew of new features that will allow you to:

  • Monitor VMware’s Blast Extreme protocol in VMware Horizon 7.
  • Troubleshoot user sessions with a new help desk dashboard.
  • Support Horizon 7 and Citrix XenDesktop & XenApp 7.6-7.8.
  • Collect data 3-times faster, allowing organizations to dramatically improve SLAs.

VMware’s Blast Extreme was introduced in Horizon 7 to deliver great user experiences over the LAN and WAN by leveraging H.264 as a default video codec. In our current release of vRealize Operations for Horizon, you can now monitor key Blast Extreme protocol metrics to ensure optimal user experience, including:

  • Transmit bandwidth;
  • Throughput;
  • Encoded frame rate; and
  • Round trip latency.

Additionally, while many of our customers like the comprehensive and detailed view vRealize Operations for Horizon & Published Apps provides across their desktops, apps and infrastructure, they have also asked us for a simpler user interface (UI) to tackle level-1 and level-2 help desk tasks and basic troubleshooting. In this release, we are pleased to introduce a new help desk dashboard, designed to easily troubleshoot user sessions.

vrealize for horizon apps help desk

With this new feature, you can search by user name, find their session and see the user’s session details, logon details and running apps & processes. This dashboard ultimately provides a simple, but valuable tool to quickly troubleshoot and escalate issues to better support end users.

We have also been hard at work to ensure that as your deployments scale out, user performance and your ability to track that performance is not impacted. On this note, our engineering teams improved data collection times by 3x and extended uptime testing by 2x. What’s more, we continued our scale testing to 10,000 desktops per pod to support you and your end users as deployments grow.

We are very excited about this release and think you will be, too. Be sure to take a test drive of vRealize Operations for Horizon and Published Apps in our Hands On Labs, or download the latest eval here.

vRealize Operations for Horizon & Published Apps is available as a feature of VMware Horizon Enterprise or as standalone offering. Citrix customers can also take advantage of vRealize Operations for Published Apps via the VMware App Volumes Enterprise Bundle.