[Video] Transforming the Digital Enterprise: A Conversation with VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

Mar 8, 2016
Blakely Thomas-Aguilar


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At Mobile World Congress 2016, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger shared what he believes are the biggest technology trends impacting the modern enterprise. On the heels of the VMware Workspace ONE announcement and on the stage at the world’s largest mobility conference, watch the video below to dive into the transformational trends facing the increasingly digital enterprise.

In the video, VMware End-User Computing leader Erik Frieberg seeks the answers modern IT leaders and business leaders need for their company’s digital transformation journey. I’ve highlighted Erik’s top questions and Pat’s must-hear answers below.

Erik: VMware, especially End-User Computing, made some significant announcements last week. We talked about updates to Horizon and AirWatch and the new Workspace ONE product.

At Mobile World Congress, VMware hosted dozens of partners at its booth and in theater sessions.

At Mobile World Congress, VMware hosted dozens of partners and thousands of attendees at its booth and in theater sessions.

As you talk to customers, what’s their opinion of these products and how are they using them to enhance their enterprise mobility efforts?

Pat: The idea of Workspace ONE and being able to bring all those capabilities together: the identity services, the deeper integration of the products, the new experiences on- and off-premise. All of those experiences make it easier and easier for customers to ante into the solution overall, (with) things like Windows 10 (and) being able to further integrate a virtual desktop experience with the mobile experience. All of these things keep pining away at the challenges and making the end-user experience a thorough one across any device that they might be using.

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Erik: One of the things we’ve been hearing about, what VMware’s talking about and clearly (a vmware workspace onekey trend) at the show is the concept of the digital workspace, building this for the end users or employees of the company. As you talk to customers, are you hearing that they’re trying to do this for their employees?

Pat: Overall, there’s this huge, “What does it mean to transform into a digital business?” A digital workspace is exactly in line with this much bigger transformation that they’re under. They’ve realized that it’s an essential way for them to compete, to attract talent, to have the right people working on it, whatever that device strategy that might be (and) also to present more of those services through the platform. This is a piece of what they need to do in the future. … At the conceptual level, exactly in line with what I see customers talking about.

Erik: At the show right here, you can see we’re surrounded by dozens of partners in our booth. And VMware itself has over 75,000 partners. As you look at the partner community, how does VMware work with partners?

Pat: Our partner strategy remains broad and pervasive: big ones, little ones, having a breadth of community there and being really seen as a partner-friendly company. Partners, going forward for us, are evolving, as well. … Here at Mobile World Congress, it’s the service provider partnerships. We’re learning (about) new companies and VNF (Virtual Network Function) providers. … Many of the service providers have risen up to be more critical to our overall partner relationships, so it’s continuing to bring along the key partners of the past and forge the relationshi9ps of the future. That’s why Mobile World Congress is such a critical aspect of our strategy and our execution.

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