Samsung & VMware: Making Virtual Desktops on Mobile a True Reality

Feb 24, 2016
Blakely Thomas-Aguilar


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by Jonathan Wong, Samsung Enterprise Business Team

Do you want seamless enterprise access to Windows desktops and apps from incredibly powerful, secure and beautifully designed mobile devices? Yes, please!

But before jumping ahead, let’s start with the basics. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) isn’t a new thing. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. VDI has been around for a long time and its evolution on mobile has been a fairly commoditized race. Now, mobile VDI is becoming a reality.

VMware just launched Workspace One, a groundbreaking digital workspace that includes VDI, Horizon 7 and Blast, a more enhanced protocol. Samsung and VMware have been working together to optimize the VDI experience on Samsung mobile devices, starting with the popular portfolio of Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Galaxy Tab S2 with keyboard cover

Galaxy Tab S2 with keyboard cover

Beginning with security, Samsung and VMware plan to address the following key areas to deliver a complete mobile VDI experience.

Robust Security

VDI inherently has security benefits, and this solution goes one step further. Horizon 7 will integrate deeper into the KNOX security platform (the defense-grade mobile security platform built right into Samsung mobile devices). This integration is through a solution called KNOX Enabled App (KEA) which provides an extra layer of security around the Horizon 7 VDI client, while at the same time preserving the end-user experience.

You can learn more about KEA here, and click here to watch a video.

Performance that Gets Workers through the Day

The VMware and Samsung teams are working on making access to desktops and apps blazing fast, while maintaining healthy battery life, so that customers have an uncompromised experience that gets them through their entire workday.

A Better User Experience

Desktop interfaces and paradigms have not necessarily translated well to mobile in the past. This is especially true for VDI. That’s why optimizing the user experience with enhancements like mouse and keyboard support provides customers with a familiar and intuitive way to interact with their desktops and apps on a mobile device.

Pro tip: Samsung accessories like the Galaxy Tab S2 keyboard cover enable a truly mobile office experience, so users can leave their laptops behind.

By addressing these key areas, Samsung and VMWare plan to securely deliver the power of a desktop in devices small enough to carry in your hands with a stylish professional look.

Samsung and VMware have been working closely since the early days of KNOX, starting with AirWatch as a leading mobile device management (MDM) partner. That excitement continues today with VMware’s VDI mobile solution and Samsung as a Workspace ONE partner. Samsung collaborates with VMware to optimize performance and to enhance user experience.

Samsung and VMware will showcase the demo of Knox Enabled Horizon Client App on Samsung Galaxy tablets at Mobile World Congress 2016. Make sure to check it out by visiting the Samsung B2B Zone in Hall 6 or VMware’s Mobility Zone in Hall 3!

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