VMware Dynamic Environment Manager

VMware User Environment Manager 8.7 Is Ready for Windows 10

It’s only been a few months since VMware acquired Immidio and we’ve readied yet another release for you to enjoy. You can download the new User Environment Manager 8.7 now.

What will you get for your efforts? Quite a lot actually, starting with Windows 10 support.

Obviously, we improved our support for Horizon View, but for those of you on another path, you’ll be pleased to know that we also improved our Citrix support. In fact, regardless of how you consume Windows, whether it be VDI, physical or mobile, there’s something new in the policy engine for you.

The User Environment Manager 8.7 highlight reel for this release includes:

  • Extended Conditions
    • Detect Citrix connections.
    • Detect RDP connections.
  • Improved Horizon View Support
    • Detect PcoIP connections.
    • Detect Blast connections.
    • Support for detecting Client IP and Client Name in Horizon View 6.2 and later.
  • Extended Enterprise Actions
    • Refresh Drive Mappings upon Reconnect/Unlock of a session.
  • Extended Platform Support
    • Windows 10 support.
  • Improved Analysis Tools
    • Provides Extended Analysis in the form of Resultant set of UEM items. Very useful to get an understanding of which UEM items will be applied to a user within a session.
  • Improved Application Onboarding
    • A new feature in the Application Profiler component, Auto exclude sections, provides better Profiling results by providing even better optimized UEM Configuration files for applications.
  • Advanced Physical Support
    • Improved integration in UEM Synctool for dynamically updating the user environment when updates are synchronized locally.

A stunningly high percentage of Persona Management users have already moved to User Environment Manager. If you’re thinking of doing the same now that we’ve added these great features, we’ve created a guide to help you.

To see how all this fits together, and to get some useful best practice hints, check out our handy wall chart.


Click the image above for the full infographic.

Go ahead and try VMware User Environment Manager 8.7 now.