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NetApp has now introduced its VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care™ reference architecture built for healthcare

by Monty Zarrouk, Product Marketing at NetApp

How will this improve patient care?

VMware® AlwaysOn Point of Care™ architecture helps solve customers’ problems by providing ready access to patient information from any terminal or mobile device. This allows clinicians to make informed decisions regarding treatment plans while protecting the confidentiality of patient information. Providing access to clinical applications in a virtual environment, healthcare providers maintain continued access to their desktop as they move from patient to patient, floor to floor, or building to building. Just like any sector, technology dictates a successful organization. And healthcare is no different. Medicine is changing, and a virtual desktop can mean all the difference in a patient’s outcomes.

Why did NetApp introduce VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care for healthcare?

We recognize the technology that is transforming the medical profession, and NetApp constantly strives to keep the data storage architectures up to speed with the latest technology. The NetApp reference architecture for VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care is purpose-built for healthcare organizations to address the high-availability and disaster recovery needs of mission-critical clinical desktops. To reduce deployment risk, NetApp has designed, developed and lab tested a validated configuration that combines VMware Horizon View™ AlwaysOn Point of Care, NetApp® storage, Cisco® Unified Computing System™, F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery Controller, and Imprivata single sign-on solution, for delivering clinical desktops and patient care applications as secure, non-stop services. This combination of technologies makes it possible to deliver high-performance workspaces over high latency and low-bandwidth connections. This helps healthcare organizations integrate their networking, computing, storage and virtualization resources.

What makes VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care different and distinct?

VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care provides a virtual desktop environment that is secure, cost effective, and easy to deploy, providing clinicians with:

  • Non-stop access to desktop with fast logon times
  • Desktops that follow the user in the event of a site failure Connectivity to desktops from any endpoint device from anywhere
  • A familiar interface to sustain the same application workflow Knowledge that they are viewing the correct patient at the correct time and correct location, resulting in increased patient safety

This helps solve customer problems by providing high availability to clinical applications within the provider environment, delivering response times that meet or exceed application requirements and provides the appropriate security and compliance measures demanded by healthcare environments.

How can VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care help hospitals comply with the HIPAA and HITECH act requirements?

Many hospitals are looking for a cost-effective data storage infrastructure that is easy-to-deploy, and maintains patient privacy with its secure access. NetApp storage and management solutions work in concert with VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care to provide simplified and centralized medical data sharing and archiving across the continuum of care. NetApp helps you reduce compliance risk through improved recordkeeping, monitoring, and oversight. Clinicians can dedicate quality time to patients, knowing that IT has the right controls in place to ensure that state and federal compliance requirements that affect patient care and privacy are met (such as HITECH, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, the EU Directive, the Affordable Care Act and others).

Link to NetApp Reference Architecture for VMware AlwaysOn Point-of-Care – Technical Report

Link to NetApp Reference Architecture for VMware AlwaysOn Point-of-Care – Solution Brief

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