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VMware EUC Portfolio: Storage optimization and Performance enhancements in Horizon View 5.2

Author: Sarah Semple

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By Narasimha Krishnakumar, Product Management, End-User Computing

We are excited to announce several new features, which focus on storage optimization and performance improvements with Horizon View 5.2.  The following is a list of product enhancements, which target Horizon View Performance and optimization and deliver lower TCO to our customers.

Space Efficient Virtual Disks: We have introduced a new feature known as Space Efficient Virtual Disks (a.k.a. SEsparse disks), a highly optimized virtual disk format that is applicable to View Composer based linked clones. These virtual disks help reduce the TCO of Horizon View deployments by enabling customers to pay only for storage capacity that is in use. Stay tuned for more details next week, as I will explain how to use Space Efficient Virtual disks in practice.

Horizon View Administration Performance Improvements: Customers can now achieve 2x end-to-end performance gains with administrative operations such as Provisioning, Refresh, Recompose and Rebalance of desktop pools.

Support for Large Clusters: As you are all aware, with View 5.1 we started supporting a vSphere cluster size of 32 Nodes when used with NFS datastores. With Horizon View 5.2, we are now extending the same support to clusters with VMFS datastores. Horizon View 5.2 allows a cluster size of 32 Nodes when using VMFS Datastores and vSphere 5.1 or later.

Rolling Recompose: We have heard from several of our customers who want to keep a set of desktops active during administrative operations such as a recompose. Horizon View 5.2 now offers the capability to perform a rolling recompose where a fixed number of desktops can be kept active and available when recomposing a pool of desktops.

vCenter Scale Enhancements: Customers can now deploy a Pod of 10K desktops with a Single vCenter.

Multiple Network Labels: With Horizon View 5.2 customers can now support a pool of desktops with multiple network labels. This is offered via a scripted option through the PowerCLI.

Finally, as you are all aware, View 5.1 introduced View Storage Accelerator targeting both performance improvements as well as lowering the TCO. Many of you have requested that we support a combination of View Storage Accelerator and View Replica Tiering. We heard you and with Horizon View 5.2 we are happy to announce support for the combination of View Storage Accelerator and View Replica Tiering.


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