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Configuring VMware Identity Manager for High Availability in Multiple Data Centers

By Gary Sloane, VMware Consulting Editor

We are happy to announce the publication of a new white paper, Configuring VMware Identity Manager for Multiple Data Centers. VMware Identity Manager offers major convenience features, such as single sign-on and a self-service app store. Some organizations have wondered, though, about configuring it for high availability.

Sometimes, a software engineer sees a need and responds to it with a short paper that explains what to do. We love when this happens! In this case, Pitambari Parekh found that several IT managers needed to know how to configure VMware Identity Manager for high availability across multiple data centers.

VMware Identity Manager SQL Server Multiple Data Centers

Figure 1: Multi-Site Configuration Using SQL Server

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9 Desktop & App Virtualization Predictions for 2017


As we head into 2017, it’s always fun to pull out a crystal ball and predict what the future will bring. This year, we want to look at what the industry can expect from desktop and application virtualization. So without further ado, here are our top virtualization predictions for the world of desktops and apps. Continue reading

App Volumes Deployment Considerations: Updated for VMware App Volumes 2.12

The following people authored the white paper: Jason Marshall, Tina de Benedictis, Tristan Todd, Stéphane Asselin, Dean Flaming, Jim Yanik, and Samir Patel. Guy Klages and Gina Daly contributed additional assistance.

For App Volumes 2.12, we have just published an update to the VMware App Volumes Deployment Considerations white paper.


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2017: The Year of the Digital Workspace & User Experience Technology


It’s incredible the amount of mobile innovation and digital transformation we’ve witnessed in 2016. How will 2017 top it?

I believe we’ll see these five business and IT trends:

  1. A new market will emerge called the digital workspace.
  2. Senior IT leaders will take on more digital innovation roles.
  3. IT will win workers over with better user experiences.
  4. Bring your own (BYO) device, apps and everything else will persist.
  5. A new class of digital employees will expand.

Let’s dive in.

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Challenges & Benefits of Digital Workspace Transformation: Q&A with VMware’s Shankar Iyer

Have questions about the biggest challenges facing IT today when it comes to workspace transformation and end-user computing (EUC)? You won’t want to miss watching this great video interview from VMworld Europe.

Shankar Iyer, vice president and general manager of desktop products for VMware EUC, dives into the top challenges sparking IT to investigate workspace transformation and the major benefits early innovators are seeing from digital workspace enablement.

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Replacing the Self-Signed Certificate in VMware App Volumes 2.12

By Josh Spencer, End-User-Computing Architect, Technical Marketing, VMware

With significant contributions from

Graeme Gordon, Senior End-User-Computing Architect, Technical Marketing, VMware


Pim van de Vis, Product Engineer, User Environment Manager, R&D, VMware


It is becoming increasingly common for IT to implement SSL certificates for secure communications among application components. Using certificates provides a number of benefits, including privacy and secure authentication, for a relatively small investment.

Self-signed certificates allow applications to be deployed quickly, but are intended for lab, proof-of-concept, or nonproduction implementations. For production implementations, you should use certificates signed by a Certificate Authority (CA), whether private (such as an on-premises Microsoft CA), or from a trusted public CA.

The latest release of VMware App Volumes includes several new features and enhancements. This blog post focuses on a new capability that encrypts and secures communication between App Volumes Manager and App Volumes Agent.

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Horizon 7.0.3 & Horizon Client 4.3: The Next Step in Win10, UX, Automation & Availability


The VMware Horizon team continues the push to deliver our vision of any application on any device. We’re pleased to announce that with the general availability of Horizon 7.0.3 and Horizon Client 4.3, we’ve taken the next step on that journey.

[Download Horizon 7.0.3 and Horizon Client 4.3 (available by the end of day)]

These releases extend Windows 10 capabilities, push the user experience (UX) envelope, enable complete automation at scale and deliver higher availability (HA). Here are some of the highlights:

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The Best Keeps Getting Better: Introducing App Volumes 2.12

“We’ve tested with the new 2.12 version of App Volumes and see a decrease of login time by 30% to 50% dependent on the amount of AppStacks a user has assigned. Stability and flexibility have also been improved in version 2.12. All and all we are happy with how 2.12 works out in our environment.”

—Lucien Haak, Team Manager EUC Operations, Maastricht University

Delivering applications and ensuring application availability in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and published application environments is as important as ever for administrators today. VMware is committed to helping VMware Horizon, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop and Microsoft RDS IT shops deliver and manage applications with VMware App Volumes. Today, I’m excited to announce the strongest App Volumes release to date with App Volumes 2.12. Continue reading

[Video] The Massive End-User Computing Shift From Assets to People

“These days, it’s not about the assets. It’s about people, and it’s about the things they do,” recently said Brian Gammage, chief market technologist at VMware.

During VMworld Europe, Brian sat down with VMware TV to talk about how this shift in end-user computing (EUC) is transforming the entire IT organization. Watch it here, and read an excerpt from the interview below.

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#GameChangers: LCMC Health Seizes the Opportunity for Faster Desktop Deployment & Application Delivery with VMware Horizon

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger—but recognize the opportunity.”

― John F. Kennedy


Following Hurricane Katrina, LCMC Health, a not-for-profit healthcare system based in New Orleans, Louisiana, had some critical decisions to make. The hurricane had destroyed Charity Hospital, which was a major academic and trauma facility in New Orleans. The state of Louisiana decided to build LCMC Health, which would serve as a modern leading-edge facility for the community and replace the Charity Hospital.

While in the process of building the new University Medical Center (UMC) New Orleans, the IT staff at LCMC decided to take advantage of this opportunity to transform desktop and application delivery. Continue reading