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Solving Problems Customers Cannot Solve Themselves: VMware Spotlight on Lerpong Intaraworrapath

For Lerpong Intaraworrapath, the best aspect of being a Technical Adoption Manager supporting VMware customers in Thailandis the mix of partnership and strategic thinking: he enjoys working closely with them to uncover the best strategy for implementing VMware solutions across their business.

“Customers look to us to solve the problems they cannot solve themselves,” Lerpong said.

Indeed, helping customers identify and implement a “big picture strategy” for their technology journey via the Technical Adoption Management Services team comes as second nature to Lerpong given his extensive experience as an IT specialist over the last two decades.

Providing a big picture approach to tech implementation

Throughout his career, Lerpong has developed a solid infrastructure background, having worked with SDDC and multi-cloud technologies. He is also certified in VCIX-DCV, VCP-NV, ITILv3, and CEHv9.

Since being hired as a Technical Adoption Manager back in 2016, Lerpong’s mission has been to support and assist customers in resolving their most pressing software challenges while acting as an integrated part of their team. Helping them to accelerate innovation within their enterprise in the most optimal way possible. 

Currently, Lerpong oversees ten customers spanning businesses in the retail, finance, government, and transportation industries. He’s been supporting his oldest customer for the past seven years and has been a valued contributor to some incredible business wins: from migrating them from a competing platform that did not understand their IT needs, to helping them evolve their tech strategy from legacy solutions to multi-cloud solutions.

“We provided the journey for how they could go about and use VMware for their business… the big picture strategy of how to implement, starting with VCM adoption, then their journey from private cloud to the public cloud,” Lerpong said.

A passion for service that goes beyond local customers

“One of my favorite parts of the job is getting to learn about new technology and understanding the needs of the customers that I serve,” Lerpong said.

In addition, Lerpong is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others, beyond his locally-based customers and coworkers. As an advisor to TAM teams across Southeast Asia, he especially loves having the opportunity to coach and assist others in different countries, helping them solve their problems by sharing his own experiences and key learnings. Having the ability to reach and help as many people as possible is the reason that Lerpong also loves to write blogs and speak at conferences as a member of the vExpert advocacy program.

 “I like to share my knowledge and educate others about the VMware product, because sometimes the customer only knows the product (at the surface), but doesn’t know how to maintain, or how to solve a problem,” Lerpong explains.

When he’s not at work, Lerpong enjoys spending quality time with his family, whether it’s playing board games with his son or visiting the many beautiful beaches of Thailand with his family, Pattaya and Hua Hua Hun are his favorites). To decompress and get some good exercise Lerpong practices Muay Thai Kickboxing and plays soccer.

Lerpong with his family at Legoland

Work with a VMware TAM

Lerpong’s passion for solving his customer’s problems demonstrates the value TAMs bring to their customers. While the program name has changed, the partnership and support that TAMs provide remain the same. Recently, Forrester Research interviewed 13 organizations using VMware and found that they saw an ROI of 478% over three years.

Try out our ROI Estimator tool to get an estimate of your organization’s potential cost savings, and talk to your VMware Sales Representative about VMware Technical Account Management Services to learn more.


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