Technical Account Management (TAM)

A TAM’s Total Impact – Read the Forrester TEI Study and Try the ROI Estimator Tool

IT teams across the world have a secret. They have an expert on their team. Someone who is so integrated into their everyday lives and the needs of their company that they have almost forgotten that they are not actually employed by these organizations. So, what is the secret? They have VMware Technical Account Management Services, delivered by Technical Account Managers (TAMs), to help them plan and adopt new technology, optimize operations, solve problems and ultimately save time and resources. And now IT teams know how to quantify that.

Forrester Research conducted The Total Economic Impact Study Of VMware Technical Account Management Services. They interviewed 13 organizations from around the globe to understand the challenges and the value they realized from their TAMs. Forrester used their findings to create an ROI Estimator online tool to give you an idea of the savings your organization could achieve.

According to the Forrester study, “VMware’s Technical Account Management Services enable organizations to maximize and accelerate the value from their investments through industry-specific strategic guidance, best practices, advocacy, and peer insights. This results in:

  • better alignment between IT and the business
  • cost savings
  • productivity savings
  • fewer instances of business disruption

Forrester created a composite organization based on the characteristics of the 13 customers interviewed. They used their Total Economic Impact framework and methodology to calculate the benefits. The results are quite dramatic!

But the value that IT teams receive from their TAM goes much deeper than just numbers. When interviewed, customers shared how TAMs made a demonstrable difference to their IT teams.

View the global study or the executive summary.

In addition to the global study, Forrester used the interviews of customers located in the Asia Pacific region to create a geo-specific composite organization and benefits in the “Total Economic Impact Of VMware Technical Account Management Services In The Asia Pacific Region.” Again, the results are impressive!

Read the TEI Study for the Asia Pacific region.

How much could a TAM help you?

TAMs are a little bit of everything: advocate, guru and coach all in one. They excel at solving problems by partnering with you to become integral members of your team. Wondering how your organization could benefit from Technical Account Management Services? Check out the Forrester ROI Estimator online tool that will give you a glimpse of what your savings could be by answering just eight questions.

Once complete, you can download a financial summary with your personalized results to see how your organization could benefit from a TAM. Read this firsthand account of how one VMware TAM helped their customer out of a jam.

Contact your VMware Sales Representative or visit to learn more about Technical Account Management Services.


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