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Feature Fridays Episode 109 – vRealize Management pack for NSX ALB

NSX Advanced Load Balancer (ALB) is the go forward load balancing product for our Cloud Providers, offering an extensive array of capabilities through new licensing Standard and Premium versions from within Cloud Director itself, and can of course be used standalone. This Cloud Director simplified licensing should make it far more attractive for Cloud Providers to use and monetize NSX load balancing services and with Cloud Director 10.4 we offer new capabilities in support for Multiple protocols and ports on one virtual service, IPv6 support, Overlapping IP on existing subnets and multiple service support on the same VIP. With all this new potential, deployments and operations for NSX Advanced Load Balancer must be a consideration for providers. This is where the new vRealize Management Pack comes in.

As this blog describes the management pack is free for Cloud Providers and provides end-to-end visibility of the infrastructure and monitoring of supported load balancing service objects within vRealize Operations Advanced or Enterprise for you to offer new managed reporting services or to simply use to operationalize the solution and manage service quality.


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