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Provide customers Virtual Classes and Self-paced Labs using VMware VLP

Have you ever taken a VMware hands-on-lab (HOL) at VMworld or hol.vmware.com? Congratulations, you have used VLP.  VLP was first developed in 2013 for the single purpose of creating and destroying over 1000 VMs per hour while serving 300 concurrent labs at VMworld. The underlying cloud platform available at the time was vCloud Director, so naturally it was chosen to service this large-scale request. Currently, over 1,300 VCPP partners use VMware Cloud Director (formerly vCloud director) in production.

Today we announce that we are making VLP available to the VCPP customer network at no upfront cost.

VLP provides a vehicle to drive more Cloud Director service consumption. The workloads hosted by the provider are metered in the same manner as they are today. The VLP component cost will vary by customer, so VLP is offering a 60-day trial at no cost to evaluate the lab activity and estimate charges.

Providers seeking to provide a turn-key lab solution for their customers can simply sign up here to get started. A VMware VLP team member will reach out directly. A VLP Solutions Architect will also be available to provide you or your customer a demo of the platform, connect VLP to your Cloud Director service, and help answer additional questions you may have.

More about VLP:

VLP is the SaaS platform that’s proven reliable to deliver a real, yet isolated, lab environments to users using nothing more than a standard web browser. The lab resources and display console are on the left and a user guide is on the right. The entire lab experience can be customized, including the software used within the lab, the lab manual content, and the lab durations.  VLP also offers customized branding, so your customers feel it’s something made especially for them.

At its initial launch, VLP was used to serve one primary use case, the on-demand delivery of hundreds of labs comprising of thousands of VMs per hour. Since then, VLP has evolved to serve additional use cases including:

  • Instructor-Led Training
  • Certification
  • Sales Demos and Proof-of-Concepts
  • Cyber Security
  • Software Development/QA

And today its used to support additional programs at VMware including:

  • VMware HOL
  • Odyssey Labs
  • VMware Education
  • LiveFire
  • NSX Ninja

Main features include:

  • LTI Integration used by several Learning Management Systems (LMS) including [Blackboard].
  • Pay-as-You-Go or Prepaid consumption models
  • Virtual classrooms with video, chat, and audio extensions
  • WYSIWYG Lab Manual editor
  • Import existing VM content

Are you interested to offer these use cases and capabilities to your customers? Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch!


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