This is a new initiative to help enable our partners get the most out of their investment in the VMware Cloud Provider Platform.

Each week we will release a new video covering a different topic in more depth. The content will be mostly technical but will also cover services that are feasible with the features. Keep an eye out on this blog site to see when a new video is released.

So far in the series:

NOTE – all future episodes are listed here too, some some may say private or unpublished until they go live (one each Friday!)

Episode 1 – VMware Cloud Director – Service Extensions

For this week I am joined by Joerg Lew (Staff Technical Product Manager at VMware). Together we will run through vRealize Orchestrator functionality underpinning the Service Extension capabilities in VMware Cloud Director! Watch it here

Episode 2 – Bitnami and App Launchpad

For this episode I am joined again by Eiad Al-Aqqad (Lead Solution Engineer at VMware). Together we cover the new Bitnami integrated capabilities to VMware Cloud Director and the exposing of these applications in the App Launchpad Cloud Director plugin! Watch it here

Episode 3 – VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension 

For this episode I am joined again by Joerg Lew (Staff Technical Product Manager at VMware). Today we cover VMware Container Service Extension for VMware Cloud Director. Learn how you can deliver Kubernetes Clusters as a Service and utilise the CSE capabilities and additions to deliver upgrades and management of these Clusters. Watch it here

Episode 4 – VMware Cloud Director Custom Branding

For this episode I am joined again by Joerg Lew (Staff Technical Product Manager at VMware). We will learn how you can use your own custom branding and themes in VMware Cloud Director to make the solution look and feel like your own portal and service interface for tenants.

Episode 5 – Developer-Ready Cloud 

For this episode I am joined again by Joerg Lew (Staff Technical Product Manager at VMware). We will run down the developer ready capabilities that you can offer to your tenants via VMware Cloud Director, our core service delivery platform

Episode 6 – VMware Cloud Director Flex consumption model

For this episode I am joined by Julian Da Silva (Senior Cloud Solutions Architect). We will run through what the Flex model is VMware Cloud Director, lets clear up the confusion! Flex is an awesome way to provide the best of both worlds, allocation and reservation models.

Episode 7 – Tenant App Dashboards 

For this episode I am joined again by Joerg Lew (Staff Technical Product Manager at VMware). We cover what dashboards there are in the VMware Cloud Director Tenant App, how they behave and what can be offered. The Tenant App has gone through recent improvements and the monitoring and metering data it provides makes a great additional service for your customers.

Episode 8 – What is Tenant App?

In this episode I’m joined again by Joerg Lew (he’s been brilliant in working with me on these as you may have noticed!) and Dattathreya Sathyamurthy Hassan, Product Line Manager for the Tenant App. We will explore what the Tenant App in VMware Cloud Director is all about; how it is deployed, what it needs to work and what you can publish to dashboards for your tenants.

Episode 9 – Advanced Pricing Constructs

In this episode I’m joined again by Joerg Lew and Dattathreya Sathyamurthy Hassan, Product Line Manager for the Tenant App. Learn how you can use the Tenant App to deliver pricing the way you need it. There are lots of options and capabilities for pricing your services and VMware Cloud Director services, learn more about this today.

Episode 10 – VMware Cloud Director Terraform Provider

In this episode I’m joined by Joerg Lew. If you haven’t heard about VCD Terraform provider, where have you been?! It’s a fantastic way to deliver infrastructure without leaving your coding environment, use it to generate new infrastructures, delete old ones or modify existing components.

Episode 11 – vRealize Operations for Cloud Providers

In this episode I’m joined by Joerg Lew. and Brandon Gordon (Technical Marketing Architect for vRealize Operations) and we cover vRealize Operations and how you as a Cloud Provider can use vRealize Operations to generate new monitoring service revenue opportunities with VMware Cloud Director and without.

Episode 12 – VMware Cloud Director 10.1 Hands on Lab

In this episode I’m joined by Joerg Lew and we wanted to show you the new VMware Cloud Director 10.1 Hands on Labs, as they are an extremely useful resource for training and demos. Hands on Labs have been around a while now, but this lab is new and features all of the great capabilities 10.1 has on offer including; centralized point of management, container and object storage service extensions, tenant app and more. This will be especially useful to those of you attending VMworld sessions regarding VMware Cloud Director.

Episode 13 – Cloud Director UI plugin framework and iFrames – learn how to customize your instance! 

We are covering all aspects of VMware Cloud Director UI plugins and iFrames as well as context menu customization. Cloud Director is an incredibly flexible solution allowing you the provider to have a single jump point for your customers to access all your services. So watch this session to learn how you can get started and make VMware Cloud Director your one-stop shop for your customers.

Episode 14 – Cloud Director Advanced UI plugin sandboxing

Joerg and myself are joined by Jeff Moroski (Staff Engineer from our software engineering group for VMware Cloud Director), and we walk through some of the more complex aspects of development, integrating other products into VCD and handling things like authentication and configuration. Jeff also steps you through the Cloud Director developer sandbox he has created (available to all, read more here) and more.

Episode 15 – VCD Multi-Factor Auth with Azure

I’m delighted to be joined by Thomas Paulsen from Akquinet in Germany We will quickly run through how simple and easy it is to setup tenants to access VMware Cloud Director Tenant UI using their Azure login and multi-factor authentication that their Azure Active Directory is configured to use

Episode 16 – VCD Service Designs

This week we are covering some of the service concepts with VMware Cloud Director, whether you offer a full self service public cloud, dedicated private or shared infrastructure service you will see in this session what’s important to consider in managed services and what components of the VMware stack you will need in your cloud operating model.

Episode 17 – VMware Cloud Director multi-site capabilities

VMware Cloud Director is a versatile hybrid infrastructure and service delivery platform. Connecting multiple sites is a key feature of hybrid management and VMware Cloud Director makes this easy. Watch this session to learn how to configure multi-site associations so your tenants can get the best UI experience possible from your multiple VMware Cloud Director instances.

Episode 18 – NSX-V to NSX-T migration tool for VMware Cloud Director

NSX-T is a core component in VMware Cloud Director and it is essential that Cloud Providers start to consider migration to the platform. The Cloud Services Business Unit is here to support you plan and action the migration with a NSX-V to NSX-T migration tool. Learn more about this from Romain Decker, our resident NSX expert.

Episode 19 – NSX-T Advanced Load balancer

This week we discuss the new NSX Advanced Load Balancer from Avi Networks the parity functionality in it’s basic form included in the Flex Core and additional capabilities. With VMware Cloud Director 10.2 there is an initial capability with the Advanced Load Balancer and this will grow over time.

Episode 20 – VMware Cloud Director Storage Principles

This week I’m joined by Ken Lamoreaux  (Director of Technical Product Management) to discuss VMware Cloud Director storage. Ken has a wealth of practical knowledge in VMware Cloud Director and discusses from the ground up the storage presentation, management and controls available in Cloud Director, including the new Cloud Director 10.2 functions for IOPs limits and quotas.


Of course, if you have feedback or there is a feature you would like to see discussed, please let us know. Email and we will find the best resource to give us the overview.

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