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Feature Friday Episode 59 – VMware Learning Platform SaaS

In this session, we will be discussing VMware Learning Platform, its use cases and underlying technology with  

Joerg Law (Technical Product Manager) and Brian Noeldner. VMware Learning Platform is a multi-faceted SaaS learning platform that is used internally by VMware to enable its workforce and customers and is also available to the market as an education and training delivery eLearning platform. It leverages VMware cloud technology such as NSX and VMware Cloud Director to offer a fully scalable, on-demand and secured infrastructure to businesses that want to manage a learning environment for their target student groups or even clients and employees. 

At a time when every business function is going remote, VLP offers a seamless interactive experience of IT training labs designed for press and play, on-demand self-paced training, virtual classroom, live lab and certification environments. For existing Service Providers VLP as a service can be transformational for their customers, as in-house training and educational sessions can be arduous, costly and difficult to manage from a logistical perspective. 

Watch the entire episode in YouTube to understand how VMware Learning Platform has transformed the way knowledge is transmitted in this era of digital technology and how you can use the solution for your training or for education services. 


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