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Feature Friday Episode 68 – Container Service Extension 3.1.1

Welcome to Feature Fridays! Today is the 5th of November and in the UK we have a strange tradition called Guy Fawkes night. In a nutshell Mr Fawkes tried to blow up our government parliament and got caught. Now, we have have a bonfire and burn a fake stuffed ‘guy’ to remember the occasion. Strange eh…! Find out more about this tradition here.

Feature Friday

Back to business…. Container Service Extension has been updated to 3.1.1 with VMware Cloud Director 10.3.1 release (we have already mentioned this in the Cloud Director 10.3.1 blog). As you can see we are constantly improving the capabilities in this evolving Dev Ready Cloud portfolio and 3.1.1 brings new capabilities such as NSX-T Advanced Load Balancing for K8s and persistent storage for K8s. This combined with OSE 2.1 backup and restore of persistent storage (blog here) makes a much more compelling offering than ever before!

Now all this value is included in your 7 point Flex core with Tanzu Basic, VMware Cloud Director, NSX-T Data Center with NSX-T Advanced Load Balancer Basic, Object Storage Extension 2.1 and Container Service Extension 3.1.1.

So please join Sachi and myself as we walk though some of the CSE 3.1.1 updates and briefly discuss how you can get started offering K8s clusters as a service with VMware Cloud Director.


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