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Get started today with Modern Apps on VMware Cloud on AWS

There is no stopping of the cloud momentum according to analysis shared by David Vellante, co-CEO of SiliconANGLE Media, as well as co-founder and Chief Analyst at The Wikibon Project. VMware Cloud on AWS and AWS overall demonstrated highly elevated spending performance, as noted in this analysis.  

Customers have chosen the VMware Cloud on AWS for several use cases including cloud migration, datacenter extension, virtual desktops, and disaster recovery to accelerate digital transformation over the recent years. And in today’s blog, I would like to focus on Modern Applications (Apps), which is another strong use case of VMware Cloud on AWS.  


In a recent Q&A from Radium with VMware Cloud CTO Kit Colbert, he mentions the evolving role of ‘Platform Ops Team’ towards accelerating App modernization initiatives including their impact on traditional IT organizations that are becoming more platform centric and services oriented. Earlier this year, VMware Cloud on AWS announced that customers can deploy VMware Tanzu Standard to empower Platform Operators and SREs to run and manage cloud native applications on a fully managed infrastructure. This is an important milestone, and VMware Cloud on AWS will continue to advance the skillset of the IT admins to up level them into delivering automation and services for accelerating app development.

Next Steps

If you are an IT admin, and would like to start advancing by up leveling skillsets through familiar VMware tools, please see the video tutorial developed by our Sr. Technical Marketing Architect Eric Shanks, who demonstrates how you could leverage VMware Cloud on AWS for Kubernetes workloads. Eric also outlines in this blog specifically how to set up firewall rules for VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) in VMware Cloud on AWS to benefit from an upstream compliant, enterprise-grade and consistent Kubernetes deployment for your developer teams.

If you are a Platform Operator or SRE, who is looking for technical deep dives on why VMware Tanzu Standard and VMware Cloud are better together for running and managing enterprise-grade Kubernetes, kindly navigate our resources on VMware Cloud Tech Zone. Outlined below are blogs, a workshop guide, and multiple videos on the steps to operate Modern Apps using best practices for enterprise and through cloud native tools-

  • Blog series:
    • How to monitor TKG clusters with VMware Tanzu Observability– Blog
    • How to back up TKG Resources with Velero through TMC – Blog
    • How to centralize TKG Logs with vRLI – Blog
    • How to deploy NSX Advanced Load Balancer for TKG on VMC on AWS – Blog
  • Workshop Guide: Demo appliance for TKG
  • Videos:
    • Deploy Tanzu Kubernetes Grid on VMware Cloud on AWS – Video
    • Deploy Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters through TMC – Video

Get ready to begin your journey to App Modernization for your organization today itself using the combined benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Tanzu Standard.

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