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Happy Sys Admin Day (Month!)

July 30th is Sys Admin appreciation day, we wanted to spend an entire month to reflect on and celebrate the sys admins in our lives and the job they do. That job is often thankless and requires patience, in-depth tech skills, and a cool head. Over the past couple of decades, the total sum of these systems has changed quite a bit, which  has had a cascading effect within IT as these technologies are adopted and operationalized into the architecture. What hasn’t changed for sys admins is the core function of the role: keeping any system, whether new, old or in-between, up and running  

First, our gratitude. 

On this 22nd annual Sys Admin Appreciation Day, we have one important message to all of you: THANK YOU.  

Thanks for provisioning and configuring the myriad of systems behind the scenes.  

Thanks for helping us find and use all the tools we ask for.  

Thanks for keeping things up and running, current, and humming along.  

Thanks for answering our urgent calls, troubleshooting, and resolving issues.  

Thanks for making everything—every meeting, every email, every chat message—possible.  

When VMware was founded 23 years ago, those early days of virtualization disrupted the daily operations of many Sys Admins. Then, our brand-new technology changed the paradigm on how to provide “machines” to run applications, rather than one physical server per app. It was through your curiosity and devotion that virtualization has become the foundational infrastructure. Over the years, new and different infrastructure technologies have emerged, like cloud, containers, and Kubernetes, to further abstract between layers of infrastructure and expand your infrastructure footprint beyond historical boundaries. The role and scope of the Sys Admin is always evolving. 

Onward to the future. 

There are so many new demands on the Sys Admin to help transform IT to enable a digital business. This means learning about many of these new technologies and methodologies to evolve your skills and career. At VMware, we’re evolving our portfolio as well to enable these new paradigms and technologies in the way we have always done – by bringing different, heterogenous environments together in a consistent and unified model.  

We’re here to support you along your journey. With that in mind,here are some of the essential things to read, watch, and try throughout the month of July to help you navigate cloud and app transformation for the Sys Admin: 

  • Explore career paths for the Virtualization pro – download the eBook by CTO Kit Colbert 
  • Attend a workshop on cloud migration and integration with VMware and AWS  
  • Start your Kubernetes learning journey here
  • Check out our month-long demo series on hybrid and multi-cloud management – see the schedule below 

Livestream Demos – We’ve devoted the entire month on demos for tips and tricks on how to streamline day-to-day admin for apps and clouds. Subscribe to the channel and set a reminder for an upcoming session.  

  • July 1: Using VMware Skyline Proactive Intelligence: A Day in the Life of a VMware Skyline Admin 
  • July 6: Integrated Support and Management with VMware Skyline and VMware vRealize Operations 
  • July 8: How To Manage Kubernetes Across Multiple Clouds 
  • July 20: Operationalizing your Hybrid Cloud: Part 1 – Migrating Your Applications 
  • July 22: Operationalizing your Hybrid Cloud: Part 2 – Day 2 Operations 
  • July 27: Operationalizing your Hybrid Cloud: Part 3 – Run your Hybrid Cloud like a Public Cloud 

Celebrate Sys Admin Day Month with us by sharing a story or posting a gratitude for a colleague. Tag us at @vmwarecloud and #SysAdminDay.