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Oracle Cloud VMware: Solving Real Customer Challenges

In the latest episode (below) of Cloud Executive Perspectives, VMware’s Mark Lohmeyer, SVP/GM Cloud Services caught up with Clay Magouryk, Executive VP of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to talk about how Oracle Cloud VMware Solution solves a variety of challenges faced by customers today.

Mark and Clay discuss:

  • The genesis of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution
  • What differentiates OCVS from other Hyperscaler solutions (hint: customer control is key along with availability zones)
  • How Oracle Cloud VMware Solution addresses specific customer needs

This episode delves into the core use cases for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution such as:

  • Data center migration: Moving workloads from on premises to OCVS (consolidating or decommissioning data centers.
  • Hybrid Deployments: Moving and extending existing workloads to OCI while leaving others in place for business or regulatory reasons.
  • Disaster recovery: Reducing or removing reliance on secondary data centers for disaster recovery targets, potentially improving recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) targets.
  • Modernizing applications by accessing tools to support containers and microservices and gain new insights with advanced business analytics and data science capabilities.

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