AWS has its Well Architected Framework and Azure and Google have their equivalents.  These are great resources for individuals looking to leverage any of these clouds as a stand-alone resource.  But until recently, if you were looking for guidance that helps bridge the gap between public clouds or heaven help you, between the data center and multiple public clouds; you were pretty much out of luck.  Fortunately, that situation is changing, and VMware is at the forefront of a movement to provide guidance to organizations that is truly multi-cloud in nature.

The VMware Cloud Ready Framework

On the latest VMware Multi-Cloud podcast, Eric Nielsen (@ericnpro) and I (@davidj7494)talked with John Maronne and William Lam about a new resource for Cloud Architects, the VMware Cloud Ready Framework.

John is a Senior Manager who leads a team of Solution Architects focused on helping customers architect multi-cloud environments based on VMware Cloud.  William is Senior Staff Solution Architect and part of VMware’s Cloud Solutions Business Unit where he focuses on providing expert guidance to customers on VMware Cloud and also works with VMware R&D to continuously improve the capabilities of our cloud offerings.

On the show we discussed a new cloud architect-oriented program that they are driving intended to provide rich architectural guidance to organizations struggling with multi-cloud challenges.  Unlike hyper-scaler frameworks that only focus on the use of their own public cloud, the new VMware Cloud Ready Framework looks at architectural considerations that span designing, deploying and running a cloud that includes the data center and any combination of off-premises environments including edge, managed service provider hosted clouds and the hyper-scaler clouds of AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, IBM and Alibaba

The VMware Cloud Ready Framework focuses on the following pillars: Plan, Build, Secure, Modernize and Operate. These pillars are the building blocks that provide customers with technical guidance and a consistent approach solving challenges related to establishment and ongoing management of an integrated and unified multi-cloud environment.  The key objective for the VMware Cloud Ready Framework is to help customers accelerate their efforts towards infrastructure and application modernization.

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