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VMware Cloud on AWS Delivers Significant Business Value at a Lower Cost and Faster Path to Hybrid Cloud – Download IDC White Paper Now!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on how public sector organizations operate. Leaders in state and local government and education institutions are on the path to enable their organizations to respond, recover and accelerate innovation at an unforeseen pace. Based on lessons learned in the pandemic, a new 2020 IDC study predicts that most organizations will put a mechanism in place to accelerate their shift to cloud-centric digital infrastructure twice as fast as before the pandemic[1].

A hybrid cloud is key in this digital transformation journey. Public sector agencies are looking for a hybrid cloud service that provides consistent infrastructure and operations between their on-premises and cloud environments to further increase agility and security, while maximizing the use of existing IT investments. But adoption of a hybrid cloud strategy often requires more than just using a mix of resources between public cloud and on-premises infrastructure. The solution is required to have the scale, performance, availability and hardened security to run highly sensitive government workloads. Government agencies also view public cloud as a way to rapidly deliver a higher level of service by increasing the speed of response to changing organizational needs while being able to manage upfront expenses, operational support and TCO.

But what is preventing public sector organizations from adopting a hybrid cloud approach even when they are eager to do so? A study done by IDC shows that the limitation in skill sets and lack of availability of ready-to-use products and services for hybrid cloud are the top two challenges for most organizations.

We have a solution for you! VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud(US) offer government agencies a ready-to-use VMware environment, completely managed and delivered as a service by VMware, within the Amazon Web Services public cloud. Powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Cloud on AWS delivers vSphere, vSAN, and NSX as a cloud service built on Amazon EC2 bare metal infrastructure. Your IT team can provision virtual machines and manage their infrastructures on VMware Cloud on AWS using the same VMware tools and processes workflows that are used for on-premises environment. This includes access to services such as vSphere HA for high-availability workloads, vSphere vMotion to move workloads to and from a VMware Cloud on AWS environment, and NSX networking to build a common private network across deployments.

The key benefit delivered by VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud(US) includes:

  • Familiar skills, tools, and processes for managing private and public cloud environments
  • Rapid time to value with the ability to spin up an entire VMware SDDC in under two hours and scale host capacity in a few minutes
  • Innovate and respond to changing user demands with the enterprise capabilities of VMware SDDC, coupled with the elastic infrastructure, and the breadth and depth of the AWS services

Based on a survey results of current VMware Cloud on AWS customers, IDC calculates that, on average, organizations complete faster migrations to the public cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS — 46% faster or 4.5 months earlier on average. More efficient and timely migration of workloads to the public cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS led to 57% lower costs and required 59% less staff time than those of another public cloud solution.

To learn more about the findings from the IDC White Paper and how VMware Cloud on AWS can help with your digital transformation journey, please download the full report here.

If you would like to know more about VMware Cloud on AWS, please check out the resources below.


[1] (IDC White Paper | The Business Value of Running Applications on VMware Cloud on AWS in VMware Hybrid Cloud Environments)