Enterprise marketplaces are key to expanding your reach and streamlining your publishing, promotional and go-to-market activities. That’s why we’re combining VMware Solution Exchange and VMware Cloud Marketplace into a one-stop shop, called VMware Marketplace. Learn more.


Enterprise marketplaces play an increasingly important role in the software procurement and supply chain process. According to a recent Forrester report, U.S. business-to-business e-commerce transactions will account for $1.8 trillion, or 17% of all U.S. B2B sales. Enterprise marketplaces are a key enabler of this steep growth. 

Until this point, we had two key enterprise marketplaces at VMware: VMware Solution Exchange (VSX) and VMware Cloud Marketplace. Launched in 2012, the VSX has traditionally been the portal where our customers find technology partner offerings that are compatible with VMware products and solutions. It has since averaged more than 1 million annual unique visitors, creating thousands of leads for our broader Technology Alliance Program (TAP) ecosystem. Meanwhile, VMware Cloud Marketplace was launched in August 2019 with a charter of providing customers an easy way to discover and deploy validated third-party and open-source solutions on various VMware platforms.

We’re happy to announce that the VSX solutions will be migrated to VMware Cloud Marketplace this month, resulting in a combined catalog to be known as VMware Marketplace. 

VMware Marketplace will have a broad, inclusive charter as a convenient one-stop shop, featuring over 2,500 third-party, open-source and first-party solutions across all VMware platforms, solution categories and format types. Customers will be able to discover and learn about different solutions, as well as deploy them directly to VMware endpoints (when a deployment asset is provided). Our software and hardware partners can utilize the combined marketplace to reach and meet the needs of the entire VMware customer base. For our partners, VMware Marketplace greatly streamlines publishing, promotional and go-to-market activities.

Questions? Please reach out to us at VMwareMarketplace@vmware.com


Upcoming sessions

To learn more about the new VMware Marketplace, please register for our webinar on September 10, 2020. Arjun Krishna (Marketplace PM) and Neeharika Palaka (Marketplace PMM) will:

  • Discuss how these changes affect our customers and our partners
  • Provide a demo of the new services
  • Showcase our Partner Ecosystem and TAP programs alongside featured spotlight speakers

VMware Marketplace will also be featured in a number of VMware-hosted and partner-hosted sessions at the upcoming VMworld 2020.

The VMware-hosted sessions include:

  • HCP3100 (Keynote) – Delivering Modern Multi-Cloud with VMware Cloud Services (Mark Lohmeyer)
  • HCP1155 – Accelerate Your Hybrid Cloud Journey with VMware Cloud on AWS (Sai Gopalan, Matt Dreyer)
  • MAP2552 – Consuming Trusted Content from Tanzu Application Catalog (Daniel Liszka)
  • HCPS1394 – Expand Your Service Portfolio with VCD Extensibility (Joerg Lew)
  • HCPS2379 – Expand to Managed Services with VMware Cloud Provider Hub (Subha Shankar)

The partner-hosted sessions include:

  • HCP1652 – LicenseFortress
  • HCI2540 – Kasten 
  • HCP2972S – Clumio 
  • MAP2214 – Dynatrace 

Be sure to register for these sessions as soon as possible through the VMworld 2020 Catalog!

Next steps

  • Learn more about the VMware Marketplace on our webpage
  • Register here for the upcoming VMware Marketplace webinar to learn more
  • Contact us at VMwareMarketplace@vmware.com if you have any questions