Migrate to the Cloud

Introducing VMware Cloud Technical Account Manager Services

Are you ready to implement your cloud strategy? It can feel like more of an expedition than a project – which is why we’re now offering VMware Cloud Technical Account Manager Services to be your guide. 


Over the past several years, more and more businesses have been implementing their cloud strategy, which can feel more of an expedition than a project. I chose the word ‘expedition’ because it’s a long journey full of planning, preparation, setback, realignment, execution, and most of all triumph – just like every team that sets out to conquer Everest. 


Much like an expedition team, businesses have their reasons for moving to the cloud. The most common are: 

  • Application modernization
  • Data center consolidation/migration
  • Disaster recovery and backup
  • Regional expansion
  • Seasonal, cyclical capacity
  • Multi-cloud operations
  • Governance and compliance
  • Resource and cost management


Climbers wishing to summit Everest require a guide, also known as a Sherpa, to get them there. Sherpas are native to Tibet and are some of the best climbers in the world. They’re critical to any Everest expedition as they carry the majority of the climber’s gear from camp to camp along the route. They also install and replace defective gear to avoid accidents, show the expedition team the best route to take and much more. 


Like a climber summiting Everest, customers need a guide who will help them in their journey to the cloud. As of this posting, we are excited to announce the Cloud Technical Account Manager Service offering. Cloud TAMs are an indispensable guide that help customers get to the cloud safely and swiftly, helping you with:

  • Day 2 operations​ – Watching for changing conditions and reroute customers accordingly
  • Enablement and knowledge transfer​ – Knowing every route and crevasse on the way to the cloud
  • Best practices​ – Getting the most out of the equipment as well as little-known tricks that are only learned ‘in the wild’
  • Value realization and consumption acceleration​ – Reinforcing a customer’s judgement when the conditions are treacherous
  • Service capability and customer roadmap alignment​ – Helping customers understand the differences between climbing routes, as well as what tools and gear will be available at the next camp as they climb
  • Work on behalf of VCPP providers and technical support when needed – Bearing the load when the customer is weary, and not able to make mission-critical choices


The VMware TAM Program has a long, successful history of helping on-premises customers along their VMware journey throughout the years. Now, as you set out on a new expedition to the cloud, we’re making sure you can access a Cloud TAM. We anticipate Cloud TAMs will always be in high demand, because as every climber knows, you don’t leave base camp without a Sherpa.


Learn more about the VMware Cloud TAM offering by reviewing the datasheet. You can also reach out to your local VMware Account Team and follow us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.