VMware HCX

The 2020 VMware HCX vExpert program is here

If you are a current vExpert and are passionate about sharing your VMware and HCX knowledge with the broader tech community, then the 2020 VMware HCX vExpert program could be for you. There are plenty of perks for participants and great support from VMware. Learn more about how to apply.

Are you curious about HCX? Do you love sharing what you know and what you are learning with the community? Are you willing to go beyond your day job to share your knowledge with peers – be it through writing (blogging, books, etc.), participating in virtual forums, or public speaking at events like VMworld and VMUG?

If yes, then the brand-new VMware HCX vExperts program could be for you. It’s designed for people who are passionate about sharing their knowledge about VMware technologies with the broader tech community.


What’s in it for you?

As well as being the first kid on your virtual block with the cool badge, you’ll get some great opportunities and recognition as part of the HCX vExperts program. Things like ongoing briefings, amplification of any articles you write, exposure at VMware physical and virtual events, and frequent opportunities for you to interface and provide feedback to the product group.

There’s also a bunch of other perks to reward you for your evangelism.


How and when to apply

To apply, you must be a current vExpert and be able to demonstrate a track record of learning about and sharing your knowledge on VMware HCX or workload mobility and migration. We do recognize that HCX is a relative newcomer, and that while those who experience the power of workload mobility love it, everyone outside of our engineering team will be learning and growing together.

Applications for this year’s membership will be open from March 9 to March 23, 2020. HCX vExperts for the year will be announced on April 6, 2020.


If you missed the vExpert 2020 Applications, you can sign up to be notified for the vExpert 2020 second half application.

We are looking forward to migrating into the future with you!