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Protect What’s Yours During Your Cloud Migration

Thinking about migrating to the cloud but concerned about rebuilding policies from scratch, security gaps or incompatibility between on and off-premises? VMware Cloud makes migration easy and seamless, as well as protecting what’s yours.

Migrating to the cloud is a key step in a business’s digital transformation, as the cloud offers many benefits including cloud-native services, shifting budget from CapEx to OpEx, and flexible consumption of resources. But despite these benefits, many organizations are hesitant to make the move to the cloud. Why? Many organizations often find that their applications fail to maintain the same level of security that they experienced on-premises. According to Gartner, the majority of security breaches in the public cloud are actually the responsibility of the customer, not the cloud provider. Why? Because cloud providers adhere to a Shared Responsibility Model. Your cloud provider is only responsible for ensuring the security of their infrastructure, leaving you to configure and manage the security of your applications and data. As you migrate to the cloud, it’s essential to understand how you can maintain the highest levels of security while benefiting from the best practices you’ve developed for your applications.

The security of business-critical applications is crucial when considering a cloud migration. For most companies, cloud migration requires careful management of a number of different variables including, for example, managing multiple security models, rebuilding all policies from scratch, and hiring new people who have the necessary skills and expertise to ensure migration is a success.

Indeed, from our experience, it is often the ‘human’ element in migration that poses the greatest risk – and most oversight and management.

All of these factors add extra complexity – and increased risk – associated with cloud migration – and explains the apprehension felt by most companies contemplating the move. When moving to the cloud, companies are often forced to rebuild all their policies from scratch and utilize their resources to hire security experts, increasing the risk associated with a move to the cloud.

In fact, 84% of companies say the security solutions they run on-premises don’t work in the cloud. Instead, they are forced to rely on cloud-native solutions such as identity, access management and firewalls.

If your business decides to migrate to the cloud, you will need to make sure the same security and compliance policies are in effect in all environments, otherwise, your business is vulnerable to attacks. Many companies have struggled with maintaining security in the cloud, suffering data leaks along the way. LinkedIn fell victim to an attack that leaked millions of user’s passwords, causing them to rethink their current security strategy. It is also important for you to consider what data should be kept on-premises rather than in the cloud. Often, legacy applications are better suited to remain in the traditional data center, while new, modern applications are developed for cloud environments. Still, consistent security across the entire IT environment is essential.

That’s where VMware Cloud can help. VMware Cloud makes migration to cloud easy, seamless and secure. Leveraging consistent infrastructure and operations, VMware Cloud gives your business greater freedom when moving to the cloud…meaning you spend less time worrying about compatibility issues, rewriting applications or modifying your operational model. And with VMware Cloud integrated on premises and off premises, you can be assured your business is kept secure.

Here are just some of the benefits of VMware Cloud:

  • Extend your policies to the cloud rather than rebuilding them – a simple “lift and shift”
  • Ensure the privacy of your data in the same way you do on-premises
  • Encrypt data at the storage level and beyond
  • Enjoy the same level of enterprise privacy that your business is used to
  • Take advantage of advanced network security and firewalls
  • Prevent threats

Plus, VMware Cloud helps you meet a broad range of required security and compliance standards and required regulations.



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