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VMware Network Insight: Simplify network and security operations across clouds

Gain visibility across AWS and VMware to understand application dependencies, plan security, and troubleshoot network issues

Applications drive businesses forward, expanding to public and private clouds can provide the agility that enterprises need to stay competitive in a fast changing world. Modern application architectures and cloud services require a new approach to networking and security that traditional monitoring tools do not deliver. Also affecting businesses is a lack of network visibility, inadequate security guidance, increased risk of cyber-attack, and the inability to maintain the compliance with security policies.

VMware welcomes VMware Network Insight into its suite of network and security services, a comprehensive analysis service purpose-built for software-defined data centers and public clouds. Network Insight delivers a deep understanding of application traffic flows – between different tiers, virtual and physical network layers, and public and private clouds. With this understanding, Network Insight helps you to continuously monitor network infrastructure and security constructs and to collaborate effectively to solve issues.

Traffic between different AWS VPCs and to the data center

Plan and manage application security
With Network Insight service, a very accurate network segmentation model can be achieved across both public and private clouds. Network Insight collects and analyzes network flows between VMs in real time to help you understand application dependencies and delivers actionable security recommendations for native AWS deployments as well as VMware environments. Using Network Insight, you can continuously monitor your cloud security posture for configuration changes and security vulnerabilities over time.

Most active VMs by network usage

Troubleshoot network issues with visibility across clouds
Network Insight helps you discover AWS, VMware and physical network infrastructure resources including AWS VPCs, security groups and applications using native cloud tags. Furthermore, proactive events and alerts help you quickly identify issues in your environment. You can also troubleshoot connectivity between VMs with visibility across virtual and physical network paths in the data center and into the firewall rules configuration in AWS. With Network Insight, you can easily track configuration changes, remediate issues and ensure network and security compliance across clouds.

NSX topology view and best practices

Ensure health and availability of NSX deployments
With Network Insight, using standard networking knowledge, and without additional training, you can easily manage large NSX deployments at scale. Pre-defined NSX best practices help ensure speedy deployment and identification of configuration issues. Powerful NSX topology views help you pinpoint and quickly resolve issues.

Network Insight is completely search driven, so it’s easy to use. A choice of deployment options for Network Insight are also available depending on the user’s needs. Both consumption-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) and flexible on-premises deployed, perpetual licensing models are available.

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