VMware Guru Licensing: March 2022 Enrollment

VMW Guru Licensing Program

What is The VMware Guru Licensing Program?

The VMware Guru License Program is one of VMware’s Communities-focused recognition initiatives created specifically for members of the Technical Communities who are not primarily VMware Products and Solutions specialists but have directly and indirectly made significant contributions to the VMware Users Communities.

Started in 2010, participation in the Program is periodically extended to distinguished and recognized Experts, Specialists and Practitioners who have demonstrated interests, established expertise and/or played tangible roles in providing guidance or influencing decisions in the areas of virtualization and cloud computing technologies in their fields of expertise and Communities.

Membership in the Program (available only to recognized Community Champions, Leaders and Technologies Experts) is awarded annually in March and September.

If you have been recognized as an Expert and Individual Contributor by one or more of the following Vendors, you are eligible for the VMware Guru Licensing Program:

Microsoft MVP Program SAP Mentors Program AWS Heroes The Oracle ACE Program
Citrix Technology Professional Program Dell TechExperts – Dell Community IBM i Community Advocate Google’s Product Experts Program


In addition, all Participants in the VMware Database Experts Workshop are automatically eligible for participation in the VMware Guru Licensing Program.

How to Join

To apply for this round of Open Enrollment (March 7th, 2022 – March 21st, 2022), Please Click Here, and we will send you the Program Guide and Application Form to get you started.

Thank you for being a valuable Member of the Community.

The VMware Guru Licensing Program Team