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SAP HANA on vSphere 6.x on Intel Xeon Broadwell – now supported!

Just on time for SAP TechED 2016 in Barcelona, I am happy to announce that we have finished the vSphere 6.x SAP HANA on Intel Xeon Broadwell CPU certification!

With this all SAP supported or certified SAP HANA Intel Xeon Broadwell based systems can get virtualized and can run SAP HANA VMs with up to 4 TB of vRAM.

For details please review SAP note “2315348 – Single SAP HANA VM on VMware vSphere 6 in production” and 2393917 – Single SAP HANA VM on VMware vSphere 6.5 in production or our SAP HANA on VMware vSphere WIKI page.

The table below summarizes the hardware configurations supported with VMware vSphere and SAP HANA:

Supported HW configurations for SAP HANA on vSphere*

vSphere 5.5 vSphere 6.0 and 6.5**

Supported in Production

No SAP Support, VMware best effort support

Supported in Production

Intel Xeon E7 CPU support

Ivy Bridge, Haswell

Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell (SPS12 or later)

E7 NUMA Nodes per server



up to 4 socket with Broadwell and Ivy / up to 8 with Haswell

Intel Xeon E5 CPU support

Ivy Bridge, Haswell Broadwell
Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell (SPS12 or later)
E5 NUMA Nodes per server 2

Maximal RAM installed in server (host RAM)

up to 6 TiB

up to 12 TiB

*Only SAP HANA and VMware certified two-, four- and eight socket Intel E7 v2 (Ivy Bridge) and later Intel processor-based server systems and Intel Xeon E5 v3 and v4 based two-socket single node SAP HANA entry level systems, with a minimum of eight cores per CPU are supported.

**vSphere 6.5 only SAP HANA certified / supported 2 and 4 socket Intel E7 Broadwell EX or 2 socket Intel E5 Broadwell EP processor-based configurations in single-node, scale up configurations only, as of SAP HANA SPS12 or later.

Please note, VMware vSphere 5.5 as a platform supports 8 socket Ivy-Bridge and Haswell systems, as well as Intel Xeon E5-v4 (Broadwell) systems. SAP does not support these server platforms, when a virtualized SAP HANA gets installed. Background is, that some of the 8 socket systems in the past had shown TSC synchronization issues, which may negatively impact the memory performance of a wide SAP HANA VM (> 4 NUMA nodes).

Broadwell based 8 socket server systems are in validation and may get added as a supported platform once our testings got successfully finished.

vSphere 5.5 is not supported on >2 socket Broadwell based server systems. Broadwell >2 socket support requires vSphere 6.0. We did not test vSphere 5.5 with SAP HANA on Broadwell server systems, therefore SAP does not support this combination.


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Erik Rieger

About Erik Rieger

Erik Rieger is a global solutions architect, working with VMware’s global System Integrators and System Outsourcers (SI/SO) and strategic ISV technical alliances. He is responsible for defining, developing and delivering VMware specific SAP solutions that help customers to achieve accelerated business performance and real-time decision making.

7 thoughts on “SAP HANA on vSphere 6.x on Intel Xeon Broadwell – now supported!

  1. vikrant

    Wow , great news .Now SAP HANA supported vSphere 6 on Intel Xeon Broadwell . It will be very helpful and with the help of this we can run SAP HANA VMs with up to 4 TB of vRAM. Thanks for sharing .

    1. Erik RiegerErik Rieger Post author

      Hi Josef,

      I just updated the sizing blog to include Broadwell. Please be aware that beside the CPU generation the SAP HANA SPS level is important as SAP supports larger CPU / RAM ratios only with their latest SPS levels. I hope with this you have all details available.


  2. Noe Hoyos

    Hi Erik,
    SAP note 2315348 seem to indicate support for multiple production SAP HANA virtual machines on a single physical server is available now. Can you confirm this, please? Also, what does it mean that the max size is half-socket?
    Thank you,
    Noe Hoyos

    1. Erik RiegerErik Rieger Post author

      Hi Noe,

      Half-socket support in this context means, that you can split a Haswell CPU in half and run two (min 9 cores, 18 threads) SAP HANA VMs on a single socket in production. E.g. a 4 socket Haswell server can now support up to 8 SAP HANA VMs

      Attention, if you want to consolidate production level SAP HANA VMs like this on a single server system, then please ensure that you have enough IO bandwidth in the server.

      Before you ask, Broadwell tests get currently performed.


  3. Johannes

    Hello Erik,

    have you any news about vSphere 6.5 and Haswell support?
    SAP Note 2393917 tells me not supported. Is this support coming or are we stick to vSphere 6.0 with our Haswell servers?


    1. Erik RiegerErik Rieger Post author

      Hi Johannes,

      unfortunately it is a question of what we validate together with SAP and since the Haswell based servers are by now 3-4 years old we do not have plans to validate vSphere 6.5 with Haswell. Please PM me to get more details.



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