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TODAY!: Join us for vSphere LIVE, on What’s New With PowerCLI 12.4, 09:30 AM PT

What are you doing at 09:30 AM PM Pacific today (September, 23rd )? Come on over to the vSphere YouTube Channel and tune into the September episode of vSphere LIVE. We’ll be talking about VI Admins #1 tool and that is PowerCLI. Joining with us today, Jatin Purohit (Sr. Technical Marketing Manager with vSphere Technical Marketing Team) providing commentary and perspective while Kamen Nikolov (R&D Manager, PowerCLI) and Dimitar Milov (Sr. Staff Engineer, PowerCLI) will deep dive into PowerCLI 12.4. As always we have Bob Plankers (Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, vSphere Technical Marketing Team) who will put on customer’s hat and will keep asking the questions which matter to you the MOST.

So remember the time, September 23, 09:30 AM PT. See you there.  

All the vSphere LIVE videos are archived on the vSphere YouTube channel, in case you missed one. Check out last month’s AI & ML discussion, was probably our best yet!


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