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Join us LIVE – What’s New With PowerCLI 12.4



Every month we do a live stream on the vSphere YouTube Channel (and recently on Facebook and Twitter, too), talking about different topics at the infrastructure levels of the software-defined data center. Recently, we have released PowerCLI 12.4 on 9/16. So far, the response is quite good, and we have already crossed 10K downloads within a week. This time around, we are bringing the PowerCLI Development team on vSphere LIVE. The team is here to present cool demos around PowerCLI 12.4 and would be happy to take the questions LIVE!

Excited about it, Make sure to add this event to your calendar.

vSphere LIVE: What’s New with PowerCLI

September 23, 09:30 AM PT 

Youtube Link

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