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New Release – PowerCLI 12.3

It is my pleasure to announce the release of PowerCLI 12.3. Here are some of the key highlights for this release.

Release Highlight

Workload Management

  • Support for vSphere with Tanzu with vSphere Networking
  • New cmdlet New-WMNamespaceNetworkSpec to create a network specification for Namespace network


  • Support for Native Key Provider
  • Cross vCenter VM Cloning


  • vSAN file service Snapshot Management


  • Latest Horizon API 8.2 binding


  • Latest SRM API 8.4 binding

Let’s explore some of these features in detail.

Workload Management

With the release of PowerCLI 12.3, additional parameters are introduced to Enable-WMCluster cmdlet. These new parameters allow you to enable a workload management cluster with vSphere networking.

Check out the updated syntax below.

            vSphere Networking

            NSX Networking

Also, a new cmdlet New-WMNamespaceNetworkSpec has been introduced, which allows you to create a network specification for the Namespace network.

Let’s check out the sample script to enable workload management with vSphere Networking.

Do edit and customize the values If you choose to re-use the script for your environment.

vSphere Security

vSphere Native Key Provider, a new feature in vSphere 7 Update 2, provides a way within vSphere to enable data-at-rest protections like vSAN Encryption, VM Encryption, and vTPM straight from vSphere itself. You can visit to learn more about the native key provider.

PowerCLI 12.3 extends the cmdlets to support the native key provider. Below are some of the operations which will help you manage the native key provider.

Filter the Native Key Provider

Get-KeyProvider cmdlet retrieves all key providers from the vCenter Server system. A new parameter -Type is introduced to filter the key provider based on its type.

Export the Key Provider Configuration

It is a good idea that you back up the native key provider, especially if the native key provider is a default key provider.

PowerCLI 12.3 introduces a new cmdlet, Export-KeyProvider to backup (Export) the native key provider.

Note: You can only specify the NativeKeyProvider value to the -KeyProvider parameter.

Import the key provider configuration

Caution: As explained earlier, if you have already configured the native key provider, make sure that you do not delete it. The vSphere UI provides you a conscious choice before you actually hit delete.

PowerCLI 12.3 introduces a new cmdlet, Import-KeyProvider to import (Restore) the native key provider if you need to import the key provider.

Configure the VM encryption with Native key provider

You can now use PowerCLI to configure VM encryption using the native key provider. The Set-VM, Set-HardDisk, New-VM, and New-HardDisk cmdlets are updated to support the native key provider.

vSAN File Service Snapshot Management

The vSAN file share snapshot is a built-in feature in vSAN that provides a point-in-time image of a vSAN file share. You can check out the details here.

There are 3 new cmdlets that has been introduced to manage the vSAN File Service snapshot.


This cmdlet creates a vSAN file share snapshot for the specified vSAN file share.


This cmdlet retrieves vSAN file share snapshots based on name or other filters.


This cmdlet removes vSAN file share snapshot.

Other Improvements and bugfixes

There are some notable enhancements done that will help you with day-to-day PowerCLI operations. For example, there is a new parameter -Reason is introduced with Set-VMHost, Stop-VMHost, and Restart-VMhost to specify the reason for respective VMhost Power operation via PowerCLI.

Similarly, The performance of Foreach-parallel has dramatically improved, and bug fixed the issues reported by the PowerCLI community.


The PowerCLI 12.3 is a small release in terms of feature offerings. However, it is quite a significant release for vSphere Security and vSphere with Tanzu. The support for vSphere with Tanzu with vSphere Networking will ease up the deployment of the tanzu environment. Similarly, The PowerCLI support for native key providers extends the automation capabilities to configure Native Key Provider during the build phase itself.

Concluding this, I recommend you to visit the PowerCLI 12.3 release notes to know more about improvements and bug fixes. Also, Do check out the PowerCLI home page for anything and everything related to PowerCLI.


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