PowerCLI Core Fling – Available For Download!

I am extremely excited to announce that the PowerCLI Core Fling has been released and is available for download!

Before getting to the download link, let’s cover a couple things first.

This release is based on, and requires, Microsoft PowerShell Core and .NET core. If you do not already have it installed, see the accompanied documentation for a walkthrough on getting started.

Feedback is very much welcomed. Please use the Fling site’s comment section to submit feedback. Keep in mind, we improve the product based off of your feedback, so please do let us know!

Enough suspense, the PowerCLI Core Fling is available here:

Check out this demo of the install process on a Linux system:

Enjoy, and don’t forget the feedback!


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  1. Great , Finally PowerCLI Core Fling has been released and is available for download .the way you explained each and everything in this video is really great .but when I am trying to do I got a error :
    “The libcurl library in use (7.29.0) and its SSL backend (“NSS/ Basic ECC”) do not support custom handling of certificates. A libcurl built with OpenSSL is required.”
    can you help me .

  2. Any chance the fling will be included in the Vsphere appliance.. so that we can run powercli from alarm actions. (like many of us do just now with the windows install of vcenter)

  3. I’d like to see this part of the OVA install for the VMA appliance. In the past I’ve had to do database calls and such to get vCenter information on the VM. This functionality would make the VMA the perfect appliance for management/automation

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