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Welcome 2015 with some PowerCLI New Year Resolutions!


With the new year kicking in, it’s time for some new year resolutions. I have been working on making some resolutions for my personal life, as well as for my job at VMware, but then I started to think, “Why don’t I have any for scripting??” So I’ve set 8 of them for 2015. Here we go:

  1. Continue taking my experience to the next level (ambiguous, but that’s fine)
  2. Complete the multitude of scripts I’ve started but not finished
  3. Create more functions to reduce code
  4. Share more of my code on GitHub and within the community
  5. Organize my scripts
  6. Collect even more feedback on what customers need from PowerCLI
  7. Create tools, scripts, or projects that will ultimately save users time and headaches
  8. Get others to share their scripts with the community as well

I would like to emphasize to all PowerCLI users out there, the importance of sharing what we learn. In all of the VMUG conferences, VMworld sessions, group discussions, social media exchanges, and day-to-day interactions I have with people from all over the world, I find several reoccurring themes:

  1. People are making scripts every day that help them achieve a task
  2. Most people do not think their scripts are good enough for the public (or that someone will make fun of it)
  3. A good 95% of scripts have been created with the help of Google, documentation, or someone else’s scripts they found

I have yet to see people make fun of, or think less of another person because of a script they post. In fact, I’ve seen the opposite where others help tweak that code and make it even better for the use of everyone. This is not only a positive learning experience for those who are newer to PowerCLI, but also a great way to collaborate and engage with others in the industry who may have similar tasks as you.

With that in mind, I would like to challenge each reader here, to make a resolution to share what they make. Polished or unpolished, grab a free blog site and a github account and open your experience and work to the community so we can continue automate all things!

What are some of your New Years resolutions?



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