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VCAC 6.1 Pre-req Automation Script Released!

As many of you are now seeing the announcement that vCloud Automation Center 6.1 is GA, you will most likely already be downloading the bits. Let me save you all some time once again with the latest Prerequisite Automation Script.

What’s New:

  • .NET no longer needs to be installed before using this script. The script will determine if .NET needs to be updated, if it does, the script presents you with several options to proceed.
  • With the new version of vCloud Automation Center comes a new dependency during install, Java JRE 1.7 or higher (64-bit). The script has added in a check for Java and will determine if it needs to be updated. If so, the script presents you with several options to proceed.
  • Installer also creates the JAVA_HOME variable directory and points it to the installed location.
  • New variable in the user config section of the script allows for local installer locations to be set and the menu options pre-selected
  • Currently works with Server 2008r2, 2012, and 2012r2

Download: vCAC 6.1 Prereq Automation Script

For those of you who prefer to see what it looks like before using it, I’ve provided some screenshots below.

*NOTE: as always, you should look through any script and understand what it is doing before running it. This is an unsupported script.

Screenshots (Server 2012):


Screenshot2014090813.50.15.png Screenshot2014090813.51.12.png  Screenshot2014090813.52.45_thumb.png

Server 2008r2:

Screenshot2014090813.58.14_thumb.pngScreenshot2014090814.02.36_thumb.png Screenshot2014090814.04.41.png Screenshot2014090814.05.33.png Screenshot2014090814.20.10.png

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Brian Graf

About Brian Graf

Brian Graf is a well-known VMware evangelist in the IT community. Over the past 5 years, Brian has done Technical Marketing for PowerCLI Automation and ESXi Lifecycle, Product Management of vCenter Distributed Resource Management features (DRS & HA), and is currently working as a Technical Marketing Manager for VMware Cloud on AWS. Brian is a co-author of the PowerCLI Deep Dive 2nd edition book. He has helped develop VMware certification courses and exams and presents around the world at VMware User Conferences, AWS Summits, Interop, as well as other industry Conferences. Brian is also a Microsoft MVP.

40 thoughts on “VCAC 6.1 Pre-req Automation Script Released!

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  2. Harsha

    Hello Brian ,

    Very helpful information.Do we have any documentation or procedure to migrate VMs from vCD to vCAC for management purpose ?

    Appreciate your ideas.


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  4. Gopi

    Seems to be the script is not working. Error in 161 line

    1. Gopi

      When i download the script, it is not working but if i copy and paste the source code of the script, it works fine.

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  9. Ron

    Perhaps a silly issue but can’t seem download and “save” this script as a .ps1 file. When I click on the download link it brings me to the source code on GitHub. Unfortunately when I attempt to copy the actual code, it also copies all of the Line Numbering that is present. Pasting the code within PowerShell ISE duplicates the line numbering within the ISE Editor…and is truly messy… Is there another way to get the contents of this script without Line Numbers??


    1. Brian GrafBrian Graf Post author

      there is a button on the right side of the screen that says “raw” click that button and then copy the source-code into a file that you save as .ps1 and you should be good to go!

      1. Ron

        Yeah I noticed and tried that before as well, Brian, but the code that gets copied is really messed up…looks like binary…says it’s in Unicode format during Save operation…..but still is not legible even afterward.. Not sure if this is an isolated issue (i.e. just my current workstation or internet policies preventing proper download).. I’ll try form another environment. Thx for your prompt reply.


        1. Ron

          Yep..embarrassed to report that it was my damn environment creating all my issues… Proxy filtering and security policies in place.. Was able to effectively download proper RAW data from another machine…

          Thx for pointing me in the right direction, Brian.. :-o)

          And thanks for creating this script.. 🙂


  10. Chris

    Thanks so much for making this script and hopefully the error I am seeing is something simple. I’m trying to run it on windows 2012 R2 Update 1 ( possibly…the one that finally lets you reboot from the logoff screen). Anyway I downloaded all the latest patches. When I run the script I get a bunch of error messages when your script is trying to
    “set authentication values for IIS”
    I confirmed that IIS7 has anonymous authentication disabled and windows enabled but still see these error messages. When I eventually run the VCAC checker it shows the red x and say ” Not OK – IIS Server” with details
    The IIS Server is installed. Verify that it is running and that its authentication module is installed and enabled.

    here is the error messages I am seeing within your script so if you have any suggestions or if I can ignore the alerts and proceed that would be great. Thanks in advance and for helping out the community.

    Set-WebConfigurationProperty : filename: \\?\c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config
    Line number: 925
    Error : Cannot add duplicate collection entry of type ‘add’ with unique key attribute ‘value’ set to ‘Negotiate’
    At C:\vcacscript.ps1 :310 Char :1

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  12. Mark Jones

    I am getting there errors when running as local admin on 2012 R2. Any thoughts?

    OS = Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
    Importing Server Manager
    Installing IIS roles

    (1) – I have the Server 2012 ISO mounted and want to install the framework files from a local folder
    (2) – I have internet access and want to download it from Microsoft and install it automatically
    (3) – Exit this script
    Choose a number to proceed: : 1
    Unable to locate folder. Please specify the source folder for required files (ex D:\sources\sxs\): E:\sources\sxs
    Attempting to Install .NET Framework. Please be patient.
    Add-WindowsFeature : The request to add or remove features on the specified server failed.
    Installation of one or more roles, role services, or features failed.
    The source files could not be downloaded.
    Use the “source” option to specify the location of the files that are required to restore the feature. For more
    information on specifying a source location, see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=243077. Error: 0x800f0906
    At I:\Infrastructure_Team\VMware\Software\VCAC\vCAC61-PreReq-Automation.ps1:233 char:6
    + Add-WindowsFeature -Name Web-Webserver,Web-Http-Redirect,Web-Asp-Net,Web-Wi …
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (@{Vhd=; Credent…Name=localhost}:PSObject) [Install-WindowsFeature],
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DISMAPI_Error__Cbs_Download_Failure,Microsoft.Windows.ServerManager.Commands.AddWindowsF

    1. Brian GrafBrian Graf Post author

      so one of a few things could be happening here. A) your machine is behind a proxy and therefore cannot make the connection and download the correct files. B) in your variables before running the script, you either have chosen to go off of the Windows ISO (check the path if that is the case) and have the wrong path, or the wrong ISO… just some thoughts

      1. Mark Jones

        Thanks Brian, shouldn’t be behind a proxy, but I know our security team is working on implementing one. I am using the Windows 2012 R2 ISO, but maybe iso is wrong

        1. Mark Jones

          Ok, so i just installed the components, but then ran portions of hte script manually to do the configuration.

          PS thank god for this script as I am not much of an IIS guy. I wouldn’t have known where to enable/disable half this stuff.

          1. Mark Jones

            We think it might be an issue with 2012 R2, we had to run windows update to get some patches and reboot and it appears to possibly fix the issue.

          2. Brian GrafBrian Graf Post author

            Thanks for tracking down the issue Mark. It would be interesting to know what the root cause was, but at least we can now document this for others. Thanks for the hard work!

  13. Mark Jones

    Oh and we had to set the gpedit to allow the server to go get the source files from windows update.

  14. Jurgen

    This is a great script, that has saved me a lot of time in the past. Thanks a lot for creating this, Brian.

    Today I used “vCAC 6.1 Prereq Automation Script” for the first time in a customer PoC with Java 1.8. I noticed that JAVA_HOME has a hard coded path to C:\Program Files\Java\jre7

    Java 1.8 uses a different path. C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_25, if I remember correctly.

    Not a big deal, you can manually adjust JAVA_HOME afterwards. However, when you are planning an upgrade to this script, you might want to consider making this more “fool-proof”.

    Anyhow, really great work.

  15. Justin

    Great script, and great improvements over the previous one.

    I was hoping a next version of the script will set the services to “retry” in case of failure

  16. Arun

    Did any one used this script against 6.2. Was the system working fine if we use this script.
    I had an instance where i setup by running this script. after installation
    https:///WAPI/api/status is always says 404 (not found).

    have anyone had success with this script on 6.2

    1. Brian Graf

      Why would you use this script against 6.2? There is already a blogpost with a 6.2 script available.

  17. scotrt estey

    I just used this script for a customer production environment. I loved it and for the most part it worked. I did have an issue that I wanted to report
    I was installing on all windows 2012 R2 64 OS hosts.
    Ran the script and it completed and installed all of the components with no errors.
    However, when I installed vRA and began configuring it to talk to vsphere endpoints, the dem worker/agents were complaining about connectivity .
    I can send you screen shots but the error message I was receiving was this
     DatabaseStatsService, ignoring exception, Error executing query usp_SelectAgent Inner Exception, Error executing query usp_SelectAgentCapabilities

    After a lot of troubleshooting it appeared that MSDTC was corrupted or not working
    We performed a MSDTC uninstall and install to assure unique GUID
    A MS DTC uninstall and install should be performed if the VMs used by any component in vRA has been cloned from a template or another VM. This is because the MS DTC Globally unique identifier (GUID) configuration does not change while running sys prep meaning you still have the original VMs MS DTC configuration.
    After we completed this work, vRA worked.

    I’m curious to know if this is a known bug? Has anyone else experienced this?


    1. Brian GrafBrian Graf Post author

      Scott this is normal/”to be expected” This has been broadcast in social media, blogs, and I believe in the documentation as well. The only problem with this is that I either have to have my script uninstall and reinstall MSDTC EVERY SINGLE TIME or have the user do that if it’s cloned/templated… I have chosen not to do it in the script. Glad you have found it useful though 🙂

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  23. netco

    the wmvare is good website

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  25. Situs togel

    Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all people you really know what you are talking about! Bookmarked

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