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PowerCLI Lab Online – Sign up now for the public beta

If you were at VMworld in 2012 you may have attended the Hands on Labs (HOL), this is normally one of the most popular areas at VMworld as it’s a time when people can use the applications they don’t currently have installed in their own environments, they can use a virtual environment to follow instructions and see how the applications really work.

One of the most popular labs at VMworld is always the PowerCLI Lab, this was no exception in 2012, every year the PowerCLI team does a great job of adding new features to the latest version of PowerCLI and this is always a great way to check those features out in a test environment.

There has always been one issue with the HOL though, once you leave VMware you say goodbye to the HOL as access was previously at the event only….. Until Now.

There is now a public beta of the HOL Online, this gives you access to a number of different HOL Online for you to take at your own leisure and sat at the comfort of your own desk.

How do I sign up?

To sign up simply go to and click on the link as highlighted below:


Once you have filled out a few questions you will need to wait for your account to be activated (I have been assured this will be fairly quick).  Once activated you will be able to click on the “VMware Hands-on Labs Online” link as above and access a number of different labs, complete with their own isolated environment and full step by step documentation to run through the lab chosen.

How do I find the PowerCLI Lab?

Once you have gained access to the HOL and signed in use the left hand menu to select “Cloud Infrastructure”


Now scroll down the list on the right until you see the PowerCLI Lab, then click Enroll.


Once you have done this the selected Lab will be added to “My Enrollments” where you will be able to click the “Start this LAB” button to launch the lab as below:


The LAB will now start and you will have access as seen below:



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