Meet the PowerCLI Team

I have often been asked who creates PowerCLI and to pass on your appreciation to the people who have saved you so much time and effort.

So after visiting Bulgaria on my way back from VMworld Barcelona I thought it would be nice to show you a recent picture of the PowerCLI Team who are located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Feel free to leave your comments to them as a comment on this post.



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  1. Awesome work guys! In my group discussion at VMworld 45 out of 50 people mentioned they use PowerCLI. Probably one of the most adopted tools.

  2. Keep up the great work boys and girls. It’s much appreciated what you are doing.

    Btw I think there is 1 non-developer who sneaked into the pic 😉

  3. Love the photo! Hey, is that guy in the back row, third from the right on his cell phone? Did someone forget to say “say-cheese-and-put-your-cellphone-away-right-now”… 🙂

  4. I just want to say thank you. You folks have made my job much easier, and a whole lot more fun.

    When I started at my present position, nobody in my company was using PowerCLI. One day, my boss asked me to gather some information, expecting that I would have to go to each VM to collate it. Thanks to PowerCLI, I had the report for him just a couple of hours later, a full week earlier than he’d expected it. Needless to say, we’re now putting a lot more effort into our PowerCLI scripting!

  5. I would like to say thank you as well, I know alot of folks never get the praise they deserve, from all of us who are using the product. So from all of my team and I am sure a lot of other folks from around the world. Thank you as I said at VMWorld in CAL to both Alan & LucD thank you for all the help you both provide to all of us out here in the working world. It is great to see a collective group of folks from around the world working together to make something great.. Thank You!!!

    1. finefroghair, I am still laughing. You have some skills. :)[Un]contructive one, if they are dems shame on them as well. Unlike you, I have no love for any of these politrickster parties.

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