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vCloud Air Network at VMworld 2016 – be_TOMORROW

Where can you find industry thought leaders, subject matter experts, and IT professionals – all in one place?

The answer: VMworld!

At VMworld 2016, you’ll embark on a journey full of innovation to help accelerate your path to a software-defined business. The vCloud Air Network team has an agenda full of activities and events we know you won’t want to miss out on. A vCloud Air Network checklist at VMworld, if you will.

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Guest post: Secure Cloud is Officially on the Menu for Healthcare Organisations

Repost from VMware EMEA Blog.

By Tim Hearn, Director, UK Government and Public Services, VMware

It’s an important national institution that makes us proud to be British – yet the NHS is struggling.

The NHS is lacking the funding to do all the things that it wants to do and the public expect it to do. This is compounded by increased expectations for 24/7 service, an aging population, and a new generation of expensive drugs vmware-nhs-blog-image-650x350designed from genome research.

One of the ways in which the NHS can improve patient outcomes is by moving services further into the community, creating centres of excellence in specific hospitals, and sharing anonymised data for research purposes within its four walls, as well as externally with the private sector and international research partners.

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Architecting VMware Virtual SAN™ 6.2 to Deliver Hybrid Cloud

For any business, progress and improvement is a daily goal. For a business to work toward that goal, they need to search for ways to not only improve their storage infrastructure and services, but at the same time, increase capacity, simplify operations, and ensure continuous uptime. In the IT industry, keeping up with the dynamic state of technology is integral to any organization’s success.

For those running into performance and capacity problems with your current cloud storage offerings, VMware Virtual SAN is here.

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Explore the Benefits of Extending Your vSphere Workloads to the Cloud on July 21st

If you’re frustrated with the shortcomings of your physical data center or would like to stop spending money on managed services, then now’s the perfect time for you to consider moving your vSphere workloads to the cloud. Sign up for our free, 30-minute webcast on July 21st to discover how you can seamlessly extend vSphere workloads to the cloud with VMware vCloud® Air™, while using the common platform and management tools you already know and trust.

Built on vSphere, vCloud Air provides a cost-effective way to implement offsite disaster recovery, a better way to scale vSphere workloads up and down to meet fluctuating requirements, and a more accurate way to provision on-premises IT resources.

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Move to the Cloud with Confidence with the vCloud Air Network – Your Partner in the Cloud

In today’s fast-moving world, businesses need more than a few things to succeed. That includes:

  • Advanced networking that integrates with your vSphere environment
  • Workload portability, seamless networking and common management, making it easy to extend to the cloud from on-premise environments
  • Broad compliance certifications, secure private networking connections, disaster recovery and data protection
  • The ability to address business needs without changing processes

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Last Call: Prove Your Cloud Mastery and Get a Free VR Kit

It’s time for the final round of the vCloud Air Challenge! If you’re just joining now, it’s not too VMW-vCloud-Q2Challenge-052316-1200x628-v4[4]late. Put your cloud skills to the test and you may walk away with a free VR kit.

The vCloud Air Challenge is a quiz designed to check the knowledge of top network architects. Questions cover topics such as: the hybrid cloud’s benefits, how data center configuration impacts operations, vCloud deployment methods, and optimization of sample workloads.

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In Recognition of Embrace your Geekness Day, We’re Talking Tech About the Data Center Modernization

Today is Embrace Your Geekness Day – a whole 24 hours dedicated to dorks like us. In fashion-1295985_960_720recognition of this day, we’ve curated a few of our favorite vTech Talks highlighting tips, tricks and resources for all things VMware® vCloud Air™.

vCloud Air is the ready to run public cloud purpose-built for VMware vSphere® data center modernization. It’s built on the trusted vSphere foundation, with a virtualized network topology encompassed in the Edge Gateway. The Edge Gateway provides critical networking capabilities, as well as the ability to customize network settings to support your application and security needs.

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Spin Up, Test and Evaluate VMware Products in Just a Few Minutes

Not enough time in the day to test and evaluate new solutions? Guess again. In the same time it takes you to microwave popcorn, you could load, test and evaluate VMware products. The VMware Hands-On Labs are the best way to determine which VMware product is the right fit for your organization.

Access fully tested and documented environments in minutes, and get the hands-on experience with VMware solutions you’ve been looking for – no installation required. Our Hands-on Labs are powered by our Software-Defined Data Center technology, allowing you to choose labs from every major VMware product area – no downtime to fear!

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Modernize Your Enterprise with vCloud Air for the Public Cloud – Learn Why on 7/14!

The average enterprise data center runs more legacy on-premises applications that are VMWQ216-17_vCloud-Air-6-16_Facebook_1200x628_6-6-16_JS_004virtualized by VMware vSphere® than “born in the cloud” applications. However, these existing applications can benefit from the agility and flexibility of a public cloud platform. Sign up for our VMware vCloud® Air™ webcast on 7/14 and explore key enterprise factors to consider when deciding to move to the public cloud.

Join leading cloud platform experts – including IDC guest speaker Gary Chen, the Research Manager for Cloud and Virtualization System Software and Jenny Fong, VMware’s Director of vCloud Air Technical Marketing –  as they share valuable insight into how vCloud Air can help your enterprise leverage the public cloud. The webcast will cover:

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Operations Management – Driving Incremental Service Provider Benefits

To keep customers happy, it’s vital for any service provider to stay ahead of the curve. That means staying on top of the latest public and hybrid cloud innovations, driving internal efficiencies and delivering new service offerings to generate new revenue streams.

To help with this task, we’re offering Service Providers the vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA). The VOA is our sales acceleration program allowing Service Providers to quickly see how Operations Management can boost their efficiency and help them deliver new services. With Operations Management, Service Providers can see up to 36% better consolidation ratios and improve hardware utilization by 34%.

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