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Feature Fridays Episode 111 – Renewable Energy Training

VMware has a legacy of enabling positive environmental impact through our technology solutions and we continue to enable the decarbonization to net zero carbon committed digital infrastructure across our customer & partner ecosystem, value chain and our own operations. VMware grew up on the virtualization of practically any x86 or x64 architecture, and we believe that software has the power to unlock new opportunities for people and our planet. We look beyond the barriers of compromise to engineer new ways to make technologies work together seamlessly. Our compute, cloud, mobility, networking and security offerings form a digital foundation that powers the apps, services and experiences that are transforming the world.

We want our Cloud Provider partners to also benefit from VMware’s commitment to a sustainable future, that’s why we have this weeks’ Feature Friday discussing new training to help our Cloud Provider partners start and achieve their renewable energy strategy. We now have an array of assistance programs and utilities to help Cloud Partners look to a sustainable future:

  • New free renewable energy training
    • This training will help our cloud partners define and consider their renewable energy goals and strategy, it covers the basics and some of the more advanced renewable energy considerations in bite-sized sessions that you can watch at your convenience.
  • Zero Carbon Committed calculator
    • This calculator considers the use of VMware Cloud Director in your data center and how the secure multi-tenancy and intelligent resource sharing can provide better cloud economics without impacting your SLA, driving more potential energy saving and optimizations.
  • New VMware commissioned 451 Pathfinder Paper
    • This new paper looks at customer research and how Cloud service providers (CSPs) are beginning to experience regulatory, societal and market pressures to integrate sustainability considerations into their business strategies. CSPs face the challenge not only of migrating their business to a more sustainable model but measurably validating the sustainability of their datacenters to provide environmental, social and governance (ESG) transparency and tools to quantify clients’ carbon usage and savings.
  • 6 month free membership to the Clean Energy Buyers Alliance (CEBA)
    • (Just hit forgot password to get your free access as your domain name in your email (partner name) will be validated against the VMware Cloud Partners). CEBA is a community of 270+ energy customers and partners deploying market and policy solutions for a carbon-free energy system, a great resource for advice and community help in your strategy.

We take a look at all of these in this Feature Friday, so don’t miss out, please take a look at these resources, particularly the new Renewable Energy training!


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