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Welcome to the Cloud Provider vmLIVE landing page for upcoming and past event access. vmLIVE are key partner enablement sessions conducted by our VMware experts, designed to introduce new solutions or existing functionality and keep you abreast on the latest and greatest Cloud Provider capabilities.

Upcoming vmLIVE sessions

DateTopicDescriptionRegistration Link
POSTPONED VMware Cloud Director extension for DataSolutionsKnow how Service Providers can leverage the Data Service plugin to run more powerful and modernized applications and offer great experiences of operating and managing data-as-a-service across private clouds.https://bit.ly/3SSoREv
1st February Clean Energy Buyers Alliance – helping you achieve your sustainability goals As a net zero company, VMware is committed to a zero-carbon future for our customers and partner ecosystem. In 2020, we launched our Zero Carbon Committed initiative for our cloud partners and are excited to offer you a 6-month FREE trial membership with the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA). Attend this vmLIVE session to find out how you can benefit from CEBA resources and their community to help accelerate your decarbonization efforts.https://bit.ly/3c7zYtW
3rd FebruaryCD service support for Azure VMware Solution & Oracle Cloud VMware SolutionCloud Director service continues to innovate with new endpoint support for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. Discover the opportunity.https://bit.ly/3GvjxCH
9th February Container Service Extension 4.0Explore what’s new in the VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension 4.0. Learn about new features and capabilities that CSE 4.0 offers to enhance  your Kubernetes as a Service offering.https://bit.ly/3GDfrdb
15th FebruaryVMware Aria Operations Compliance Pack for Sovereign CloudData sovereignty has become more stringent than ever before due to the changing geopolitical landscape really affecting the control of data. A sovereign cloud customer’s primary prerequisite is to safeguard data, secure access to the right parties, ensure complete compliance with all the state, national and global regulatory requirements, as well as provide continuous compliance monitoring for data sovereignty and governance on an ongoing basis.
This session will go over the capabilities added to the Sov Cloud Compliance pack as part of the Aria Operations portfolio. It will talk about all the features included in the V1 release of the vROPs compliance pack for Sovereign Clouds and provide a detailed demo of the GA functionality.

Past vmLIVE sessions

DateTopicDescriptionsReplay link
26th JanuaryVMware Cloud Director Availability 4.5Discover new feature released in version 4.5 of VMware Cloud Direction Availability, from the newly added VM encryption capability in vSphere DR & Migration, scripthttp://bit.ly/3HykVGv
24th JanuarySecure your customers’ Endpoints and Workloads with VMware Carbon Black Cloud through Cloud Partner NavigatorSecuring your Endpoints and Workloads is key to securing your Devices, Applications and Data. In this session, you’ll learn why delivering security with Carbon Black through VMware Cloud Partner Navigator can boost your business security needs.https://bit.ly/3Dizcoh
20th JanuaryTanzu on VCPP Sovereign CloudDiscover how Tanzu Local provides Sovereign Cloud providers the ability to deliver Tanzu Kubernetes for security focused and public sector businesseshttps://bit.ly/3R3Q3k5
19th JanuaryObject Storage ExtensionKnow how Service Providers can leverage the Data Service plugin to run more powerful and modernized applications and offer great experiences of operating and managing data-as-a-service across private clouds.https://bit.ly/3HsirJO
17th January Why and how to build your Load Balancing VCPP business with VMware NSX-ALBLoad balancing is a fundamental building block for any cloud and digital transformation. It opens new opportunities for VCPP partners to create new business streams. In this sessions
What is load balancing and market trends
Why load balancing is critical for your customers? How much they spend and what opportunities it creates for you?
How load balancing is great land and expand opportunity for VCPP partners?
VCPP Load balancing solution overview
Use cases options and buyer personas for each use case
How to differentiate your load balancing solution?
What is new for VCPP load balancing solutions
Joint GTM resources.
10th JanuaryAria Operations for Applications (formerly Tanzu Observability for Cloud Providers)Learn how VMware is expanding the Developer Ready Cloud platform for partners with the introduction of Tanzu Observabilityhttps://bit.ly/3QKBUZ6
9th JanuaryVMware Cloud Director 10.4.1 What’s NewLook at all the new updates released in VMware Cloud Director 10.4.1http://bit.ly/3Xy0Fdc
18th NovemberNEW VMware Chargeback Service (Tenant App) for Cloud ProvidersJoin us to learn more about what is new with the NEW VMware Chargeback Service for Cloud Providers (Previously Tenant App) to cover various use cases around Chargeback, metering, and Monitoring-as-a-Servicehttps://bit.ly/3Xmi75f
16th November Cloud Provider Life Cycle Manager 1.4VCPLCM 1.4 brings new and exciting proposition for our Cloud Partners with powerful enhancements like GUI and Extended product support that makes for a simple, faster and a future ready solution. Know more on the vmLIVEhttps://bit.ly/3tBfv5K
31st OctoberPartners, Get Ready for VMWare Explore Europe  “VMware Explore Europe is just around the corner! Are you ready to explore all there is for the event? Come join us as we go over partner focused information about the event, including information about keynotes, breakout sessions, and the partner guide to VMware Explore Europe. Hope to see you there!”https://bit.ly/3Efllju
26th October Explore Announcement – What’s new in AriaJoin us for this session where we will highlight updates to offerings including vCloud Suite+, Aria Universal Suite and more.https://bit.ly/3zx9TwJ
21st October“Find out about new vCloud Usage Meter 4.6 updates”“vCloud Usage Meter delivers a host of new functionality and some long-awaited updates. Join this session to find out how Authentication has been improved with Usage Meter Insight, the solution has increased coverage for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, vRealize 8.x and vRealize Lifecycle Manager, and lastly offline mode reporting has been vastly simplified using a token in the appliance setup process.”https://bit.ly/3DOvsM0
10th OctoberExplore Announcement -vmLIVE – vSphere 8 Series: #4 How it Helps Accelerate Innovation for DevOps
6th October Sovereign Cloud Summit Technical Advisory BoardThe replays from the session and the presentation are available on the Partner Connect page dedicated to Sovereign Cloud. Of course, please feel free to provide feedback directly to me and also if you wish, please consider joining our dedicated Sovereign Cloud LinkedIn group https://bit.ly/LinkedInSovCloudGrouphttps://sforce.co/3QOar88
4th OctoberExplore Announcement -vmLIVE – vSphere 8 Series: #3How it Helps Supercharge Workload Performance
27th SeptemberExplore Announcement -What’s new in VSAN 8Get a technical overview of new features and enhancements in the latest edition of VMware vSAN.  See the new features that simplifies operations, improves the efficiency of the data center, and drives rapid support resolution.https://bit.ly/3Rpl8xt
26th September Explore Announcement
vmLIVE – vSphere 8 Series: #2
How it Brings Benefits of the Cloud to On-Premises Workloadshttps://bit.ly/3BWTXEw
22nd SeptemberVMware Application Catalog now available for Subscription Cloud Service ProvidersWe’re pleased to announce VMware Application Catalog is now available as a subscription for VMware Cloud Service Providers! Join us to learn how you can deliver a secure library of prepackaged, validated, production-ready open source images to your customers using VMware Application Cataloghttps://bit.ly/3LKISLd
19th SeptemberExplore Announcement vmLIVE -vSphere 8 Series: #1 Introducing the Enterprise Workload PlatformVMware delivers vSphere 8 which brings the benefits of cloud to on-premises workloads, supercharges performance through DPUs and GPUs, and accelerates innovation with an enterprise-ready integrated Kubernetes runtime.
8th SeptemberOptimized Consolidated Architecture VMware Cloud Foundation for VMware Cloud ProvidersLearn how to deploy and manage dedicated private cloud powered by VCF Consolidated Architecture Starter configuration with 3 hosts minimum for Cloud Providers, & a process to receive exclusive official support statementhttps://bit.ly/3eK3jLF
24th August Cloud Provider Life Cycle Manager 1.3VCPLCM 1.3 brings new and exciting proposition for our Cloud Partners with powerful enhancements like GUI and Extended product support that makes for a simple, faster and a future ready solution. Know more on the vmLIVEhttps://bit.ly/3Csno2X
22nd August Know Before You Go: VMware Explore 2022 for Cloud Providers event updateWith VMware Explore (previously VMworld) just around the corner, we would like to get our awesome Cloud Provider community together to share all the exciting activities at VMware Explore US this year. During this session, we will walk through all the planned in-person activities for Cloud Providers, and session/activities that you and your customers should plan to attend. Also, this would be a good time to ask any questions you may have that our team can help with. https://bit.ly/3cghWWt
18th AugustVMware Cloud Director 10.4 “What’s New”Cloud Director continues to innovate with app modernization capabilities and advanced data services capability. Join this vmLIVE to find out what’s new in Cloud Director 10.4.https://bit.ly/3PF84TQ
17th AugustKubernetes-as-a-Service with VMware Cloud DirectorKnow about new Cluster API and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid updates on VMware Cloud Director Platform in this sessionhttps://bit.ly/3AuNwsx
3rd AugustDeep dive session on VMware Cloud Director Availability vSphere DR & Migration (v2v) capabilityVMware Cloud Director Availability has now broadened its horizon by offering vCenter to vCenter (V2V) Migration in its 4.4 release. Please join our deep dive session to explore all the use cases and technical capabilities around V2V migrations in order to upsell and cross sell your VMware Cloud Director Availability offering.https://bit.ly/3vDAUN5
27th JulyData Protection in Sovereign CloudAs clouds require more sovereign capabilities it is essential that cloud providers deliver a data protection portfolio to help combat ransomware and broad coverage of data protection. Join VMware and Veeam with Cloudian to discuss how https://bit.ly/3vqpSL5
20th July What’s new with Cloud Director Availability 4.4? Did you know that the latest release of Cloud Director Availability introduces a new way to migrate from vCenter to vCenter (V2V) using its underlying technology. Join our deep dive session to discover new features such as single-click https://bit.ly/3Bgu3g0
23rd June VMware Cloud Director and NVIDIA AI Enterprise
GPU has become high in demand with new AI/ML and HPC applications requiring parallel processing to meet performance. VMware Cloud Director 10.3.2 supports NVIDIA GPU and AI Enterprise applications. Find out how you can differentiate your IAAS with NVIDIA and Cloud Director vGPU as a Service https://bit.ly/3OkLiR8
22nd JuneInvitation- VMware Carbon Black technical event 22/6 in Amsterdam We have invited specialist speakers including Carbon Black Architects, Threat Analysis Unit (TAU) and Product Management.
A Sneak peak of the agenda:
Insight into the Carbon Black future and roadmap
NSX Security and NDR
Workspace One and CB Integration.
Reach out to the email for more details of post event.

21st JuneTAB H1 2002 APJ TAB is free to all VMware Cloud Provider partners and is a single 1/2 day event with sessions from VMware covering key innovation areas. https://sforce.co/3ykh0FQ
21st June VMware Monetizing vRealize Network Insight Cloud – A refresherAvailable for Managed Service Providers via Cloud Navigatorhttps://bit.ly/3tPFZBa
15th June VMware vRealize Operations Cloud – A refresher Monetizing vRealize Operations Cloud – available for MSPs via Cloud Partner Navigator
14th JuneBuilding a Disaster-as-a-Service offering with VMware Cloud Disaster RecoveryVMware Cloud Disaster Recovery enables you to build a modern DR as a Service offering for your customer’s most critical workloads. Learn all about this service in this vmLIVE.https://bit.ly/3MUvMtS
25th MayVMware Cloud Providers: Scale Your Security Strategy with IDS/IPS In this session, you’ll learn how to protect your network from security threats and scale security as your cloud business grows while maintaining consistent policies and compliance. https://bit.ly/3Gm0tGL
10th MayTAB H1 2002 AMER/EMEA VTAB is free to all VMware Cloud Provider partners and is a single 1/2 day event with sessions from VMware covering key innovation areas. https://sforce.co/3ykh0FQ
9th MayVMware Cloud Director service and Google Cloud VMware EngineWith the launch of Google Cloud VMware Engine and Cloud Director service support partners can now deliver the same Cloud Director services into GCVE, with additional flexibility of resources and geo coverage all with Google adjacency. https://bit.ly/3vYL1wB
6th MayObject Storage Extension Architecture and Reference DesignLearn how to deploy, optimize and manage Object Storage Extension for different deployment cases and S3 storage vendorshttps://bit.ly/3sr7q3j
2nd May VMware Cloud Director and Developer Ready Cloud Updates VMware Cloud Director with Tanzu Standard is now GA, Learn about End-to-End Developer Ready Cloud Journey with Container Service Extension, App Launchpad and quarterly updates https://bit.ly/3LHCW4G
27th April Developer Ready Cloud Updates – App Launchpad Service App Launchpad service is GA+Updates from IA. More information to come. https://bit.ly/3OSBxKE
4tth April Technical Guidance for Your VMware Sovereign CloudReady to build a Sovereign Cloud but not sure where to start? This session will provide clear technical guidance around data sovereignty, data residency, data access, jurisdiction, control, and much more.https://bit.ly/3xT0HCw
11th AprilvRealize Log Insight Cloud UpdatesLearn how to use vRLIC with popular native public cloud offerings (AWS, Azure, GCP)
7th April What’s new with VMware Cloud Provider Lifecycle Manager 1.2 Overview & Features of VMware Cloud Provider Lifecycle Manager 1.1 and what’s new with version 1.2 https://bit.ly/3KDogmE
31st March Disaster Recovery Technology Validation for VMware Cloud Director Availability Partners Spend an hour with the experts at VMware to learn about the benefits of becoming a DR Technology Validated partner and find out what’s new with VCDA 4.3. https://bit.ly/3NLt4IL
30th March VMware Cloud Provider: Managed Services with VMware SASE In this session, you’ll learn how you can deliver network and security services together with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). https://bit.ly/3Ke2PZd
10th MarSolidify your Cloud Go-to-Market Campaigns and drive more demand for your business Strengthen your GTM strategy and increase demand generation as you expand your cloud services portfolio by using these bespoke sales and marketing assets https://bit.ly/3iaXRA8
10th MarCloud Partner Navigator update Learn about new services and functionality supported by VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, the unified platform for Cloud Providers and MSP partners to expand their business with simplified delivery of multi-cloud services. https://bit.ly/37xF7J2
10th FebVMware Cloud Provider: Managed Services with VMware SASEIn this session, you will learn how you can deliver network and security services together with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)https://bit.ly/3vtSTGk
2nd FebAccelerated Ransomware Recovery with VMware Cloud DRLearn about the latest enhancements in VMware Cloud DR focusing on a key use case-ransomware recovery. VMware Cloud DR empowers organizations to adapt to the modern threat landscape, keep their data safe and adopt cloud at their own pace.https://bit.ly/34ujic0
24th JanWhat’s new in VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.3Offering DRaaS on your VMware Cloud Director platform yet? Learn what you can do with the newest release of Cloud Director Availability 4.3https://bit.ly/3sonGkU
18th JanWhat’s new in VMware Cloud Director 10.3.1VMware Cloud Director continues to grow and VMware service providers who adopt Cloud Director are growing faster than others. Find out what’s new in Cloud Director and how new capabilities in Cloud Director can support your growing cloud business.https://bit.ly/3Hk3k2B
17th JanCDS & Navigator with GCVEVMware Cloud Director service and Cloud Partner Navigator are the main tools VMware Managed Service Providers can leverage to build a multi-cloud managed service business. Attend this session to learn what’s new for CDs and Navigator in 2022.https://bit.ly/3IzbVPz
10th JanWhat’s new in Usage Meter 4.5Usage Meter continues to add more flexible automation capabilities for easier reporting. Find out about all the new products and management tools that are now covered under UM 4.5https://bit.ly/33v1EnS
10th JanHow to build a secure cloud business with Firewall as a serviceRansomware has proliferated to the highest levels in history. Recently, Colonial pipeline confirmed it paid $4.4m to its gang of hackers. This is a wake up call for businesses to harden their FaaS strategy.https://bit.ly/3sDeqJX


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