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15 Year Anniversary Upgrade Promotion

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Celebrate 15 years of VMware Workstation. Upgrade to Workstation 10 and Save 30%.

VMware Workstation was the first product launched in 1999 by VMware. As the first desktop virtualization product to enable users to run multiple operating systems and applications simultaneously, it redefined the way software developers, QA, IT professionals and other technical users thought about computing.

Over 15 years later, Workstation is the winner of more than 50 industry awards and is recognized for its broad operating system support, rich user experience, a comprehensive feature set, and high performance.

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In honor of 15 great years of VMware Workstation we are celebrating with a special upgrade promotion for Workstation 8 and 9 customers* — and for a limited time Workstation 7 customers. Upgrade to VMware Workstation 10 and get 30% off our regular upgrade price.

Here are some of the leading edge features in Workstation 10:

  • State of the Art Performance – Workstation 10 enables you to create faster, more powerful virtual machines with up to 16 vCPUs, 64GB of memory, 8 TB disks and faster USB connections, a new vSATA controller and twice as many virtual networks.
  • The Latest Operating Systems – Take Windows 8.1 to the next level with enhanced Unity Mode support, SSD pass-through and tablet sensors. Easy Install recognizes Windows 8.1 and new Linux distributions to make it easier than ever to create virtual machines.
  • Expiring Virtual Machines – Create restricted virtual machines that can expire at a specified date and time you set. Restricted VMs are perfect for delivering software evaluations to prospective customers as expiring virtual appliances.
  • Tablet Sensors – VMware Workstation 10 includes the first-ever virtual accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and ambient light sensor to enable applications running in a virtual machine to respond when a user juggles their tablet.

With all these incredible new features, VMware Workstation 10 takes Virtualization to the next level. It’s the ideal solution for your Virtualization needs.


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* Hurry and save 30% off your upgrade today! Offer expires on July 25th at 11:59 PM (PT).

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