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Photon OS 4.0 Beta Release is now available


Photon OS team at VMware is pleased to announce the Beta release of the Photon 4.0. Photon 4.0 builds upon the innovation of our enterprise class, Open Source virtual appliance OS, which can be found powering thousands of deployments the field. With exciting improvements to the 3.0 rev 2 release, Photon 4.0 comes with new Read more...

Photon OS announces migration to New Package Repository


Photon OS currently hosts the required packages and other artifacts using public servers on Bintray. As such, when a user issues any tdnf commands, Photon OS looks for the package updates in the Bintray repository.  Going forward, we will be transitioning away from this service to one that is hosted at Over the last few weeks the team has been busy getting things ready, and the new repository is already populated with all the packages and artifacts and is ready to take over to continue serving packages Read more...