Product Announcements

VMware vSphere will support the latest 4th Generation AMD EPYC Processors

VMware is excited to share that vSphere versions 7 and 8 will soon include support for AMD EPYCTM 9004 Series CPUs. Earlier this year at VMware Explore, we announced  vSphere 8 running on AMD Pensando DPUs. The combination of vSphere support for the latest generation of EPYC CPUs and AMD Pensando DPUs gives our customers a comprehensive Enterprise platform that:

  • Delivers hyper-optimized performance at lower levels of energy consumption than before. Thanks to the vSphere Green Metrics, enterprises can now monitor energy consumption and uncover opportunities to optimize carbon footprint of workloads on AMD EPYC processors.
  • Boosts defenses against security breaches and helps improve the integrity of workload data by adding support for AMD SEV-ES encryption.
  • Secures data-at-rest and in-flight with FIPS 140-2 validated, software-based encryption.

Enterprises can enjoy the increased levels of performance and robust security features without touching a single line of code in workloads.

VMware and AMD are continuing to work with the broader industry to help ensure that vSphere and AMD EPYC servers are supported on a broad choice of servers from leading OEMS, including Dell Technologies, HPE, and Lenovo. Stay tuned for an update on supported configurations.

Congratulations to AMD on yet another stellar processor launch that delivers true value to our joint customers.

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