TODAY: Join us for vSphere LIVE, on Ransomware & Security, 1 PM PDT

What are you doing at 1:00 PM Pacific today (August 26th)? Come on over to the vSphere YouTube Channel and tune into the August episode of vSphere LIVE. We’ll be talking about everyone’s favorite topic, ransomware, along with all sorts of security things. It’ll be Ken Werneburg (director of vSphere technical marketing) providing commentary and perspective while Ken Drori (vSphere and Cloud Foundation Product Manager for security) and I (Bob Plankers, technical marketing for vSphere security & compliance) opine on the state of things today.

If you’ve joined us before you know these aren’t scripted. They are completely unrehearsed. Sometimes a little irreverent. And if you’ve joined us before you also know we do our absolute best to answer questions from the audience LIVE, on the air. So if you’ve been wanting to ask the PM for security why something is the way it is, this is your chance. Or maybe you want to know something about a feature. Or give us feedback about something that makes your life hard. Please join us and ask!

Between viewer questions we’ll probably talk about things like:

  • How NOT to secure a vSphere installation
  • What ransomware gangs are up to
  • How terms like “zero trust” and “cyber” are completely overused
  • Who’s talking about security at VMworld this year, and VMworld in general
  • What people are asking us about when it comes to security (hint: vTPM, because of Windows 11)
  • VMware Security Advisories, how they’re set up, how to read them, how to subscribe
  • Is there such a thing as too much security?
  • Workarounds for security vulnerabilities: good idea or bad idea?
  • The secret incantations to make to get your change managers to let you patch

and probably some terrible “dad” jokes from both Ken Drori and I!

So please join us from 1:00 PM PDT (UTC-7) to 2:15 PM or so. We’d love to see you in the chat.

All the vSphere LIVE videos are archived on the vSphere YouTube channel, in case you missed one. Check out last month’s AI & ML discussion, was probably our best yet!

vSphere LIVE Stream on August 26 2021