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vSphere Bitfusion Now Generally Available!

This post was written and prepared by Jim Brogan.

VMware acquired Bitfusion in 2019 with intention of incorporating the Bitfusion software into VMware vSphere 7 as a feature.

The vSphere Bitfusion feature was announced on June 2, 2020 during the Dell Technologies Cloud AI/ML event. The Dell Technologies Cloud Crowd Chat AI/ML event and the Bitfusion Interview with Krish Prasad, VMware CPBU SVP and Josh Simons  Senior Director & Chief Technologist, High Performance Computing can still be viewed here.

vSphere Bitfusion software is now generally available to VMware customers and partners.  The install guide as well as in the vSphere 7 Technical Documents set can be found on the Hardware Acceleration with vSphere Bitfusion page.

Bitfusion uses a client/server model to enable the remote sharing of hardware accelerators such as Graphical Processing Units (GPUs). This type of capability works well for users running PyTorch and/or TensorFlow applications.vSphere BitfusionGet started by downloading vSphere Bitfusion now!