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Answer Your Questions in the VMware Communities

Beyond the documentation and opening an official support case, VMware has quite a few resources available to our customers who are looking for answers to questions. One of the oldest resources is the VMware Communities forums, where there are years of archives, thousands of customers, and dedicated support engineers that monitor the discussions and contribute helpful information and advice when needed.

When there’s a new vSphere release, like vSphere 7, one of the biggest questions is “how do I upgrade?” The upgrade process in vSphere 6.7 and 7.0 is streamlined and very stable, but there are still questions out there about what happens to external Platform Services Controllers, hardware compatibility, and the process of upgrading. To help folks who are thinking about an upgrade the Communities now has a dedicated “vSphere Upgrade & Install” community for these sorts of discussions.

How do I get started in the Community?

First, it is absolutely alright to read posts and just absorb what people are asking. If you log into the Communities site with your login you can set preferences for notifications when there are new posts. Use the Follow button on the right-hand side to track what you’re interested in. The “Actions” menu also allows you to follow the discussion using an RSS feed reader, too.

If there is something you’d like to ask or answer, go for it! The top of the discussion page makes it easy to ask a question. Remember that if you have a question there are probably hundreds of other people wondering the same thing. By asking the question not only do you help yourself, you also help others. You also help VMware find gaps in our own documentation and content.

So come on over and check out the vSphere Upgrade & Install Community, as well as the hundreds of others inside the VMware Communities!

– The VMware Global Support and Communities Team