Now Available! vSphere Upgrade: The Inside Track

With such interest in our vSphere Upgrade workshops, David Stamen and Kev Johnson have put together a 7 Part Video series on Upgrading to vSphere 6.7! We call it vSphere Upgrade: The Inside Track.

We have travelled all over the world for the last year and a half bringing a great workshop to our customers and partners. If you could not make it to one of our events, you may be interested in learning more about how to upgrade to the latest version of vSphere 6.7.

Introducing vSphere Upgrade: The Inside Track

vSphere Upgrade: The Inside Track is a 7 part video series follows the same agenda as our workshop. Each video is only 3-7 minutes long which makes it very easy to watch and follow along. Below is a description of each video.

Part 1: vSphere News
In Part 1 we cover an introduction to the video series as well as information about the latest vSphere News.

Part 2: Pre-Upgrade Considerations
In Part 2 we cover considerations you need to know prior to starting, this will ensure you have properly prepared before executing your vSphere Upgrade!

Part 3: The Upgrade Process
In Part 3 we cover the proper order to upgrade your vSphere Environment.

Part 4: Upgrading and Migrating vCenter Server
In Part 4  we cover how to Upgrade or Migrate your vCenter Server.

Part 5: Upgrading Your ESXi Host, VM Tools and VM Compatibility
In Part 5 we cover how and why to Upgrade your ESXi Hosts, VM Tools and VM Compatibility.

Part 6: Upgrading Storage and Networking
In Part 6 we cover how to upgrade VMFS and VSAN to the latest versions, as well as considerations to upgrade your Virtual Distributed Switch.

Part 7: Post-Upgrade Considerations
In Part 7 we cover those post-upgrade considerations. Things to consider after your upgrade is complete, such as the vCenter Server Converge Tool, vCenter HA and the built-in file-based backup utility.

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Kev and I had a great time making these videos and we hope these videos have helped you understand how to upgrade your vSphere Environment to the latest and greatest! Want to see more? Leave a comment below or each out to us on twitter @davidstamen or @kev_johnson

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