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Explore vSphere at VMworld 2019 Europe

Explore where vSphere can take you at VMworld 2019 Europe

Barcelona | November 4-7

Don’t miss the opportunity to take your career and organization to the next level in Barcelona at VMworld 2019. Find out what’s driving anticipation of VMware’s Project Pacific and see what’s next for vSphere.

VMworld 2019 Europe will feature many opportunities to learn about the latest in vSphere server virtualization technology and operations. Discover hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solutions that will help you prepare to build, run, manage, and secure business-critical applications on any cloud.

Here’s a quick reference guide to some key sessions and activities that will help you discover what’s new in vSphere and learn more about Project Pacific.

  • Swing by the Hybrid Cloud pod at the VMware booth to get a close-up look at vSphere and Project Pacific.
  • Test drive the latest innovations with Hands-on Labs in Hall 6.0.
  • Meet the Experts
  • Register for vSphere and Project Pacific sessions at VMworld EU 2019.


Featured Breakout Sessions

Attend sessions that will help you learn how to power your Kubernetes environment with VMware, how to implement best practices for hybrid cloud infrastructure, and how to get the most from business-critical applications running on vSphere, and much, much more. Here’s a few to consider:

What’s New with vSphere? [HBI2893BE]

This session is a VMworld staple. Come find out what’s new with the most robust and widely adopted virtualization platform in the industry. Read more and register here.

Planning for a Successful vSphere Upgrade [HBI1462BE]

Does upgrading your VMware vSphere environment seem like an overwhelming task? Armed with the correct knowledge, it doesn’t have to be. Read more and register here.

How VMware vSphere and NVIDIA GPUs Accelerate Your Organization [HBI2497BE]

GPUs are invading the data center. From virtual desktops to simulations and media rendering, from big data analytics to machine learning and more… Read more and register here.

vSphere Security: News You Can Use [HBI1953BE]

We will be discussing the latest improvements to vSphere for security and compliance, current trends around vSphere Admins & information security, and VMware’s work to make it easy to be more secure now and into the future. Read more and register here.

Accelerating Oracle and SAP with vSphere6.7 Hardware Accelerators [HBI1420BE]

In this session, you will learn how to accelerate Oracle and SAP Enterprise workloads with these new vSphere features for I/O-intensive workloads to enhance high availability, speed up data loading, and more. Read more and register here.

Leveraging the Latest Server Technologies in vSphere [HBI2362BE]

Join this session to learn how vSphere VMs can consume and expose these modern technologies to virtualized workloads. You will learn how these technologies are relevant to enterprise applications and various configuration options to start using these innovative hardware devices. Read more and register here.


And these sessions to learn more about Project Pacific and Tanzu Mission Control:

Project Pacific 101: The Future of vSphere [HBI1761BE]

Project Pacific, a technology preview, enables enterprises to accelerate development and operation of modern apps on the VMware vSphere platform while continuing to take advantage of existing investments in technology, tools and skillsets. Read more and register here.

Introducing Project Pacific: Transforming vSphere into the App Platform of the Future [HBI4937BE]

Project Pacific changes the game by bringing containers, Kubernetes and VMs natively into vSphere, running as peers on ESXi. Join this session to learn all that Project Pacific brings to the vSphere platform. Read more and register here.

Run Kubernetes Consistently Across Clouds with Tanzu & Project Pacific [KUB1840BE]

In this 200-level session, you’ll learn more about how you, as VI admins and systems engineers can consistently and easily provision and manage the lifecycle of Kubernetes clusters running on vSphere as well as across multiple clouds. Read more and register here.

Managing Clusters: Project Pacific on vSphere & Tanzu Mission Control [KUB1851BE]

Join this session to understand how you can use Project Pacific and VMware Tanzu Mission Control to consistently and scalably enforce critical policies such as quota, access, networking, security, and backup policies across multiple clusters running on vSphere, as well as in hybrid- or multi-cloud environments. Read more and register here.

Project Pacific: Guest Clusters Deep Dive [HBI4500BE]

In this session we’ll dig into the Kubernetes cluster service and how it works. Along the way we’ll dive into Cluster API and look at the VM operator and how it exposes virtual machines through a Kubernetes API. We’ll also dig into networking and storage services for Kubernetes clusters. Read more and register here.

Project Pacific: Supervisor Cluster Deep Dive [HBI1452BE]

In this session we’ll dig into the technical details of what this means. We’ll walk through the architecture of supervisor clusters and how we use Kubernetes to orchestrate a cluster of ESXi hypervisors. We’ll also look at how we link all of this to vCenter and how it fits into the vCenter UI. Read more and register here.

The Native Pods Deep Dive [HBI4501BE]

In this session we’ll dig into the details of native pods, how they work, and how they use ESXi to provide a fast and secure runtime for containers. Expect to go deep into the intersection of ESXi and Kubernetes and how the hypervisor can provide compute, network, storage, and image services to a Pod runtime. Read more and register here.


Explore These Tracks for Additional Breakouts


Meet the Experts

In Hall 8.0, take advantage of this small-table setting where about 5 people per table can sit down and speak with a subject matter expert on topics including Project Pacific, vSphere security, lifecycle, and the Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud on Dell/EMC. You can find a list of the Meet the Experts sessions here.


Solutions Exchange Booth

Join the vSphere team at any of our six booth stations for demos and information exchange and learn how you can:

  • Manage Hybrid Cloud at Scale with vSphere [VBD8100E]
  • Rapidly Deliver Modern Apps Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Project Pacific [VBD8102E]
  • Advance Modern Apps with Hardware Accelerators for AI, ML and HPC with vSphere [VBD8104E]
  • Bring the Cloud Services to your Data Center and Edge with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC [VBD8106E]


Half-day Workshops

Get a deeper dive on the benefits of why and how to upgrade to the latest and greatest vSphere version:

What’s New in vSphere, and How to Upgrade to the Latest Version [HBI1812TE]

Mon., 04 November | 13:00 – 17:00 | Hall 8.0, Room 29

With vSphere at the core of your data center and its integration with other VMware products, upgrade time can be overwhelming. Learn what resources you can use to prepare. This technical tutorial will take you through the process from start to finish. Read more and register here.

Stress No More! How to Successfully Manage Infrastructure Lifecycle [HBI1472TE]

Mon., 04 November | 13:00 – 17:00 | Hall 8.0, Room 21

Learn the pain points, best practices, automation techniques, and other aspects of infrastructure lifecycle. A complete recording plus GitHub scripts and guides will be provided. Read more and register here.


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