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End of Availability of vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus

VMware is announcing the End of Availability (EOA) of VMware vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus edition, effective February 1, 2019. Moving forward, the VMware vSphere line up will consist of vSphere Standard, vSphere Enterprise Plus and vSphere Platinum editions.

After October 15, 2018, existing vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus licenses will be fulfilled to VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus and VMware vRealize Operations Standard. This will result in a nominal increase in Support and Services (SNS) costs at the time of the next renewal for customers. This fulfillment will also apply to any new purchases of vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus before end of availability on February 1,2019.

After Feb 1 2019, if looking to add advanced operations management capabilities to existing or net new vSphere licenses, customers can purchase vRealize Operations standalone or VMware vCloud Suite.

Here are some of the options available to customers based on specific needs:



1.Do Nothing

Customers can opt to remain on their current vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus licenses, and if active on subscription, continue to avail support through VMware’s published support period. There will be no perceivable difference in product experience. However, on the back end, the single vSphere with Operations Management license will be fulfilled by vSphere Enterprise Plus and vRealize Operations Standard licenses.

2.Upgrade the vSphere Enterprise Plus component to VMware vSphere Platinum

VMware vSphere Platinum is the latest edition of vSphere that natively integrates the capabilities of VMware AppDefense with VMware vSphere to secure applications, infrastructure, data and access. By providing a security policy that is built into the hypervisor and powered by machine learning, vSphere Platinum will provide detailed visibility into VM and application context. IT infrastructure teams will be able to avail rapid threat detection and remediation and a reduced attack surface while maintaining existing workflows and tools. By offering a single source of truth, vSphere Platinum will help foster better collaboration between the IT infrastructure and the security and compliance teams.

For customers looking to implement such a native security policy, an upgrade to vSphere Platinum is optimal. For a limited time, customers can avail a 50% promotional discount on upgrading their vSphere Enterprise Plus component licenses of their vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus bundle to vSphere Platinum. Additionally, they are also eligible for $10,000 worth of credits to use for a VMware Cloud on AWS hybrid cloud deployment , when purchasing 5 or more licenses of vSphere Platinum.

3. Upgrade the vRealize Operations component

Customers can unleash the full power of self-driving operations by upgrading their vRealize Operations Standard component licenses of their vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus bundle to VMware vRealize Suite or vRealize Operations Advanced. This will provide capabilities such as automated performance optimization, customizable dashboards, fine-grained cost analytics and unmatched extensibility. Customers would also benefit from vRealize Log Insight for 360-degree troubleshooting. These upgrades are eligible for a limited time 50% promotional discount.

4.Upgrade both components

If done in conjunction with the vSphere Platinum upgrade, the vRealize upgrades are eligible for a 65% promotional discount. This is an excellent opportunity to secure your infrastructure and optimize for operational efficiency with industry leading best of breed solutions.

For additional questions and to start a transition plan, please contact your VMware account team or VMware Partner.

To learn more about the upgrade paths and promotions available, you can visit our promotions webpage or read our KB article.

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