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Learn about vSphere 6.7 at VMworld 2018

vSphere 6.7 was released in April of 2018 and has garnered quite a lot of interest from our customer and partner community. If you haven’t yet taken a look at this latest release and the features within, then VMworld 2018 is a great venue to do just that. With the VMworld US Content Catalog and Schedule Builder now live it is a great time to start planning ahead for your trip to Las Vegas. If you’ll be attending VMworld in Barcelona in November, you’ll have to wait just a few more weeks to start schedule sessions.

VMworld 2018

Aside from providing some relevant links in this blog post, I wanted to also call attention to some of the more popular and interesting sessions in the Virtualized Infrastructure track this year. If you look through this list and see that any of them are full, then check back regularly because the content team tries to move full sessions to larger rooms. There is also a waiting list you can join in case folks no-show or drop out of the registration for the session. So use the tools to your advantage and don’t forget to also build in some downtime into your schedule! Here are some top sessions (according to registrations) in no particular order:


Session ID Session Title
VIN1293BU Ensure Maximum Uptime and Performance of Your vCenter Server Appliance
VIN3327BU Documenting Your Virtual Infrastructure with PowerShell and PowerCLI
VIN2540BU ESXTOP Technical Deep Dive
VIN2677BU Extreme Performance Series: Performance Best Practices
VIN1249BU vSphere Clustering Deep Dive, Part 1: vSphere HA and DRS
VIN3456BU Unpacking ESXi – What’s New in 6.7  and What’s Next
VIN3353BU Art of Managing SSL Certificates in vSphere: Troubleshooting, Tip & Tricks
VIN1991BU Technical Overview of VMware ESXi Patching and Upgrading
VIN2404BU Changes to Hardware Health Monitoring in vSphere Stack
VIN1759BU Extreme Performance Series: vCenter Performance Deep Dive


Taking a look at this list, as well as the broader session list, it is easy to pick out some themes. Folks attending VMworld for vSphere-related content are definitely interested in availability, performance, vSphere 6.7, patching & upgrades, and security. And there are plenty of sessions to cater to those interests.

To view a larger curated list of sessions with a few more details we put together the VMworld 2018 Virtualized Infrastructure track page which breaks down the session by categories such as Automation, vSphere Lifecycle, Security, vCenter Server, and vSphere Client as well as technical level and session type.

Last, I mentioned scheduling downtime or breaks in your schedule earlier and I’d highly recommend attending a session (or two!) that are out of your comfort zone. For example, if you haven’t really delved into security-related topcis, this might be a good opportunity to start! So get your comfortable shoes ready, your schedule built, be ready to learn, and don’t forget to have a little fun! VMworld begins with you 😉