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Do you remember your #v1stTime?

This year I attended several events, and I wanted to know one thing: do you remember the first time you ever saw or used VMware – your #v1stTime? When I asked people to tell me about their #v1stTime, there were a couple of common scenarios that everyone remembered. They lit up remembering the first time they created a virtual machine with GSX (remember that?) to run applications without needing a server. Many other people vividly remember when they saw vMotion for the first time – it was such a new idea it seemed incredible that it could even work!

VMware changed our industry.

For many of us who remember the beginnings of the virtualization revolution, VMware has changed our careers. Our industry is again at a cross-roads, and vSphere is poised to play a big role in the future of hybrid cloud and next-gen apps. vSphere is the foundation for the next phase. What do you think we’ll be remembering in another ten years?

What was your #v1stTime?

Here are a few of my favorite #v1stTime moments. You can see all of the videos on the vSphere YouTube channel. If you’ll be at VMworld (Las Vegas or Barcelona), I’d love to record yours! If you can’t make it this year, let us know about your #v1stTime in the comments.


EMC’s CTO John Roese talks about VMware’s virtualization software being reliable.

Rawlinson Rivera, CTO at Cohesity, talks about the role VMware played in recovering from 9/11.


Rodrigo Gazzaneo (with Dell EMC’s Executive Briefing Center) talks about how he used VMware to help customers migrate NT domains to Active Directory.


Simon Seagrave (Dell EMC’s “demo guy”) talks about moving workloads to GSX.

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