Learn about the new capabilities of vSphere HA

Among the new features in vSphere 6.5, there are a set of significant enhancements to the venerable vSphere HA capability.  I am excited to announce a new set of content aimed at helping you learn more about these new features.  In particular, these resources go over Orchestrated Restart and HA Admission Control.

vSphere HA Orch Restart

To recall, Orchestrated Restart improves the recoverability of applications that run across multiple VMs. This is done by creating dependency chains between VMs via VM-to-VM restart rules. These restart rules enforce the restart order for each VM within the dependency chain, increasing the likelihood that an impacted application will properly recover when VMware vSphere High Availability (vSphere HA) restarts the VMs.

Several improvements have been made to simplify the configuration of vSphere HA admission control. Starting with vSphere 6.5, the default admission control policy is Cluster Resource Percentage. This policy calculates the amount of failover capacity to reserve by usinga percentage of the total available CPU and memory resources in the cluster. To further simplify the configuration, this percentage is now calculated automatically by defining the number of host failures to tolerate (FTT).  This provides the best of both worlds when comparing slot-based and percentage-based admission control policies. These improvements eliminate the requirement for manual calculations and reduce the chance of user error.


The new assets that are available now include

To see how these new features in vSphere HA can help you improve the availability of applications in your environment, download a free trial of vSphere today!